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Permanently delete external hard drive data

Going to send your external hard drive for repair process and doesn’t want to share your most valuable data?

What should I do to deny data recovery from my external hard drive?

Looking for a good tool to wipe your unwanted data securely?

Want to get rid of your old unwanted data?

Yah! Yah! There are thousands of questions like this that you can ask yourself regarding data deletion from your external hard disk. The external hard disk is same as the normal internal hard drive, it may be a SSD or a disk based traditional HDD. The data structure and the file system used in both the internal and external hard drives were the same including file deletion and retrieval.

The major distinction lies in the usage. The external drive is widely used for its mobility purpose. Sometimes you may have to share a single external HDD among multiple users. At those times you can’t expect your friend or a foe to play fair game. Here a question may rise that “I have already deleted my unwanted and confidential data. Then why I need to be afraid? Because there are several possibilities are available that the deleted data from external hard drive can be retrieved back using recovery software

Never extend your worries further more. Because Remo Drive wipe software is here to wipe all your fear on the deleted data recovery. Our product Remo Drive Wipe is designed with unique mechanism which completely wipes all traces and trails left while deleting a data. At the time of data deletion, a set of information is left in the external hard drive. The recovery software will make use of this information and restructures the deleted data.

The Remo Drive Wipe software provides nine different algorithms to its user to securely wipe your sensitive data. There are chances that even after wiping the data, some distinctive defensive mechanism algorithm can restore data from the external hard drive. Users of those kinds can choose our most advanced mechanism to wipe external hard drive. This advanced mechanism used here not only wipes the deleted data but also restructures the internal memory and the cleared hash tables were filled with unwanted but safe junk values.
The most powerful and secured wiping methods used by our software Remo Drive Wipe is listed below:

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26 – RLL
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • DOD Standard 5220.28 STD
  • The north Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard
  • Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion
  • German: VSITR
  • US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Gutmann Method

If you are a normal home user and just want only the low level drive wipe, no problem Remo Drive Wipe allows you to switch among these nine algorithms.

Steps to use this software:

First you need to download this software from above or from our main site. After successful downloading of the software install it in your Windows PC. It perfect fits in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Now open the software and choose the external hard drive that need to be wiped. Choose the type of mechanism that you want implement on your external hard drive. Now hit “proceed” button to start wiping the data. After successful drive wipe there won’t be anything inside the external hard drive.

In the downloaded demo version you use only the first three wiping mechanisms to wipe your data. If you require the other 6 tactical defensive mechanisms, purchase the software. And this will be money worthy tool.

Follow this link, if you need to wipe free disk space from your external hard drive.

Before Wiping:

Suppose if you look for any data after the drive wipe process in your external hard drive it will be impossible. So keep regular data backup and think twice before wiping your external hard drive.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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