Recover Emails After Scanpst Error

  • Retrieve accidentally deleted emails even after Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst) fails
  • Repair corrupted PST file to get back deleted emails
  • Recover Email Folders, Notes, Contacts, Attachments, Calendar items
  • Works on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Recover deleted emails after Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) error

The Inbox repair tool is a tool designed by Microsoft to repair Outlook PST file in case of corruption of the PST files which is used by Outlook to store most of its information regarding emails, contacts, calendar tasks, etc. The Inbox Repair Tool repairs the corrupted PST file or OST file by first making a diagnosis of the corrupted PST file and then rectifying the errors to recover the deleted data.

But, scanpst or the inbox repair tool cannot help in recovering deleted emails, contacts etc from a corrupt or healthy PST file. There are other issues related to the PST file during which the Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair the PST file and displays an error message. This usually happens when the PST file has grown in size and has exceeded its maximum size limit which is usually of 2GB in case of Outlook 2000. In such a scenario you might have the option to repair the PST file but at the cost of losing some data. Therefore, it is advisable that you make use of a good PST Repair Tool that can repair the corrupted PST file and recover the deleted emails and other PST file components.

Which Outlook Repair Tool has to be used?

Remo Repair Outlook PST software is an advanced PST File Repair software that has been designed to repair even the most severely corrupted PST file and recover deleted emails along with other Outlook attributes like contacts, tasks, notes attachments etc.

Related Information

Recover Contacts from Outlook
Unlike Outlook Express contacts are stored within the PST file in Microsoft Outlook. The Contacts are treated in similar fashion as emails, its just that they have separate product identifier number. When contacts are deleted they are left within the PST file and the product identification number remains intact. Recovering contacts from a PST file is possible only when you have not added more data in the form of emails or new entries in other options. Also, you have not truncated the PST file by using "Compact" option. Follow the procedures mentioned to recover your contacts from the PST file using Remo Repair Outlook PST.

How to Repair Corrupt 2gb Pst File
Outlook 2000 has a limitation of creating a PST file of upto 2 GB in size. If your PST is corrupt because of this size limitation then it is recommended to use latest version of Outlook, which can support much larger PST files. Follow the procedure mentioned on this page to repair such PST files and start using them on latest version of Outlook without worrying about the ever increasing size of your PST file.

0x80040600 Error in Outlook
This error appears when you start your Outlook and initiate the process to send and receive emails. The problem lies with the corruption within the PST file. Follow the procedures mentioned on this page to repair PST files having such errors.

Outlook Express Recovery
Outlook Express may get stalled or refuse to open when there is a corruption in your dbx files. You can repair all corrupt dbx files using Remo Recover Outlook Express and replace the corrupt dbx files. The following page highlights the steps involved in repairing such corrupt dbx files using Remo Recover Outlook Express.

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