John William Morales

John William Morales, popularly known as Jowi, wears many hats - tech writer, career coach, professional photographer, and leisure pilot. His tech journey kicked off in elementary school when his father gifted him a Windows 3.1 laptop. As technology evolved around him, so did Jowi's curiosity, prompting him to dive deeper, especially when he hopped on the Android bandwagon with Froyo. In 2023, he expanded his tech arsenal, investing in an iPhone and a Mac while staying true to his Windows and Android roots. This diverse tech ecosystem allows him to explore and articulate a broad spectrum of consumer technology. Jowi embarked on his writing journey part-time in 2015, taking the plunge into full-time writing in 2020 for an e-commerce platform. By 2021, he had found a home at, where he serves as Updates Manager, Floating Editor, and Senior Writer. Completing his university degree in 2012 with a focus on journalism, Jowi has always been the tech-savvy go-to guy among friends and family, simplifying complex tech concepts long before he pursued formal education.

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