How to Fix QuickTime Video Playing without Sound

Updated on June 08, 2021

You might have tried fixing QuickTime no sound issue by installing the missing codec, verifying the system condition (including speakers). If nothing works Remo Repair MOV will help to fix QuickTime videos that doesn't play sound. Download and try Remo Repair MOV now

QuickTime is the multimedia (audio and video) player widely used on Mac machines. It supports numerous media formats like MOV, MP4, MV4, AVI etc. But, sometimes QuickTime shows different issues and also, it may not play your video files. Even if it plays, you may notice some audio video issues.

Among all issues, the typical problem you might have experienced in QuickTime is that it doesn’t give any sound during playback. Generally, this problem arises, if the video file you are trying to play is not recognized as QuickTime format. A possible solution for this would be to check if your QuickTime is compatible with the video file format.

Similarly, there exist several different reasons like faulty speakers, glitches in system sound (driver issues), update errors, corrupted video file etc. that could result in QuickTime no sound issue or fault code 0xc00d36e5, 0xc00d5212, etc. So, try this troubleshooting in order solve no sound issue of your QuickTime application.

If you have already tried various troubleshooting steps but no audio is playing on Quick Time, chances are that the file is corrupted. Jump to the last step that gives you a complete idea on how to fix the sound on the video file, by using file repair software.

Why is there no sound in QuickTime

  • Incompatible codecs
  • Usage of unsupported media player
  • Faulty system speakers and drivers
  • No sound after QuickTime Update

If you have encountered any of the above-mentioned scenarios, follow the 4 easy methods mentioned in the section below to effortlessly fix the QuickTime error

How to Fix QuickTime Video Playing Without Sound?

  • Check System Speakers and Drivers
  • No Sound after QuickTime Update
  • Check the audio codec of your .mov file
  • Repair QuickTime with No sound using Remo Repair MOV

Check system speakers and drivers

Ensure that you have updated the drivers required to play your media files. Also, check speakers of your system. Try to play your videos using different media players and check if the sound is audible. Once, you verified that your system driver, speakers are not having any issue then jump to the next method

No sound after QuickTime update

If QuickTime doesn’t play any sound after the update then, it seems the old installation files are still being referenced by the QuickTime application. This leads to poor file interpretation, hence no sound. So, follow these steps to solve the problem.

  • Launch QuickTime and go to Edit menu
  • Select Preferences, then QuickTime Preferences
  • Click on Audio and select Safe mode (waveOut only) option
  • Apply the changes and close QuickTime
  • Re-launch QuickTime and play your video file again

Check the audio codec of your .mov file

The error usually occurs when an .mov file could use an audio codec that your media player, device, or the social media platform can't decode, hence it plays without sound. By following the methods mentioned below, you will be able to fix the sound issue in .mov file

  1. Install the missing codec. K-Lite Codec Pack contains all the possible media codecs you need solve the QuickTime video with no sound.
  2. Update or reinstall your media player from which you are trying to play the video files, by doing this you will get the required codecs.
  3. Try a different player. VLC has been a versatile media player which comes handy to fix such issues.

Even after trying the above-mentioned methods if you are still unable to resolve the issue, then the probable reason is due to corruption of the video file. In such cases you will need a reliable video repair tool to fix the corruption

Fix QuickTime Video Playing Without Sound

In case, you are experiencing no sound problem particularly with specific video files then it seems those files are corrupted. Hence, your QuickTime application is failing to output its audio. So, what should be done to fix this problem? Well, here is the answer.

Video files that are not playing sound on QuickTime can be fixed by using Remo Repair MOV. The software works on read only mechanism, this makes sure that the original files do not get damaged while repairing. Download and try the Remo Repair MOV now.

How to fix Corrupted QuickTime Video?

  • Download and install Remo Repair MOV software on your computer
  • On the main screen click on Healthy File button and browse for a healthy video, this healthy video acts as a reference video and helps in video repair
  • Next, click on Corrupt File button and browse for the video file to be repaired
  • Hit the Repair button to start the repairing process
  • Preview the repaired video
  • Save the file on any healthy drive (not in the same location)

Advantages of using Remo Recover to fix no sound on QuickTime.

Remo MOV Video Repair tool easily fixes your corrupted QuickTime files, which fails to play sound frames and make them playable again. The corrupted MOV file can be created using iPhone, camera, smart phone or any other gadget, the application works with all. The software repairs your MOV videos in quicker mode. Not only MOV files, this. MOV repair tool can also repair your MP4 videos that are corrupted due to any cause.

Remo Repair MOV is a read-only program thus, it never damages your original file during the repair process. It simply repairs broken QuickTime MOV and MP4 files by extracting the audio and video streams of the source file, duplicates it on a new container, separates them and works on it. When it fixes all the issues on both the streams, it joins them to create a healthy playable video. This utility can even fix your large and severely corrupted MOV and MP4 files that refuse to play on any media players.

It supports all storage types and almost, all OS X versions including the latest macOS Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, etc. You don’t have to worry if your video format is AVI, DIVX or XVID as Remo offers an easy way even to fix corrupted AVI, DIVX and XVID file formats. And, it is assured that you will not face any difficulty in repairing your video file as the software offers a simple interface and excellent technical assistance, to guide you.

Additional information: It is very difficult to watch a damaged video. If you are looking for way to fix choppy unplayable, click on the link given.

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