How to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook 2016

Updated on July 28, 2020

Outlook Deleted Items folder missing? Worry not, Remo PST Repair tool will recover the folder in just few minutes. Even deleted personal folder, archive folder, and other Outlook items can be retrieved easily on Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and other Outlook versions.

Wondering where did Outlook deleted items folder go missing? Worry not, this article is compiled with necessary steps to be carried out to restore deleted folder in Outlook.

You have accidentally deleted an email and trying to recover it from the deleted folder. Surprise! Your Outlook deleted items folder is missing!
Now the mind boggling question is where is the deleted items folder in Outlook?

The answer is you don't have or haven't subscribed to Sent Items / Deleted Items folder on your IMAP account. This is the most common reason behind Outlook deleted items folder missing.

You can subscribe for the folders you wish to have on Outlook by opening inbox folder and selecting from IMAP folders. This will help you have a deleted folder or trash that will store all your deleted items. In case of accidental deletion of any Outlook item you can easily click to recover deleted items.

How do I Recover Missing Outlook Items Folder?

Now that you know the reason behind the missing Outlook deleted items folder, you have permanently lost all your deleted items. To recover those accidentally deleted or lost items you will need a PST repair tool.
The most trusted and tried software to recover deleted folder in Outlook is Remo PST Repair Tool for Outlook.

Along with recovering deleted items folder on Outlook, the software is designed to recover lost or deleted emails, contacts, notes and other items. The easy to use software has its support extended to latest Outlook 2016 to the oldest Outlook 2003. The tool is completely free to download and try across all platforms of Windows operating system.

The software not only helps you to recover deleted emails folder on Outlook but also repairs your PST file. It has a built in robust scan engine that can repair any damaged or corrupt PST file easily. In contrast with the inbox repair tool the software doesn't work on your original PST keeping safety as a priority.

Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Items Folder using Remo PST

Download and install Remo Repair PST on your computer. Follow the steps below to quickly restore deleted items folder on Outlook:
1) Launch the software you will have three options:

  1. Open Default PST File: This option will allow the software to select the default PST file.
  2. Select PST Manually: With this option you can manually select the PST file from which you want to recover deleted items folder.
  3. Find all your PST File: If you have trouble finding your PST file, choose option to find your PST file easily.

After choosing any of the above option the software will list all the available PST files. Choose the one from which you want to recover deleted items and move on to next step.

2) In the next screen you'll have to choose between Normal Scan and Smart Scan, where the former is for small corruptions issues and the latter is to recover deleted folder in Outlook.

3) After selecting Smart Scan click on repair to start process of finding missing Outlook deleted folder. Once done with the repair process the software will allow you to have a preview of the recovered Outlook items like email. This way you can evaluate the chances of recovering by the software.

4) Save the files on to the desired location and yes you have found both the deleted folder and the permanently deleted Outlook items.

Benefits of Remo:

  1. Ensures quick recovery of deleted or lost Outlook items.
  2. Designed to repair and recover even password protected or compressed PST files
  3. Tailor made to find missing Outlook deleted items folder, you can also learn how to recover deleted folders in 2016
  4. Along with recovering deleted emails it also fixes Outlook send receive error
  5. Facilitates a preview of recovered Outlook items in Outlook styled browser
  6. Has its support to Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016
  7. Helps you get back all folders like deleted calender, email attributes, contacts etc.

Final Thoughts:

Though solution to Outlook deleted items missing issue is very simple, it can give you tough time when you don't find the proper guidance. This article helps you with necessary guidance to recover deleted items folder in Outlook. Make sure you are using a trusted PST repair tool like Remo Repair PST to get most of your PST related issues sorted.

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