How to Recover Files after Quick Format?

Updated on January 20, 2020

You might end up formatting your storage device inorder to repair and reuse it. This also involves losing precious data. Remo Recover is incorprated with deep scan algorithm that can specifically perform sector level scan and recover recover data after quick format.

There is myth or miscommunication among the users, that you cannot recover data after quick format. But the truth is you can recover data from a quick formatted hard drive. However, if you use the quick formatted hard drive, recoverable data will be overwritten and permanently erased. There by decreasing the chances of quick format recovery.

Here is a brief explanation of the quick format process for you. When you quick format the hard drive or any storage device, it just overwrites the file system and creates a new MBR or master boot record (MBR has information about the contents of the storage device). Hence, this results in inaccessible data. That means you can confidently follow instructions mentioned below to perform quick format recovery and restore all your data.

How can I Recover Data after Quick Format

Before going any further, it must be noted that quick format recovery can be very critical and cannot be done manually. As there are no other ways to recover data from a quick formatted drive you have to be very careful while choosing an effective data recovery tool to recover data.

What to consider when choosing an effective data recovery software. The following traits are expected of an effective data recovery software, a simple user interface that can help you recover data from quick formatted drive all by your self. An efficient scan algorithm that not only recovers data after quick format or operating system reinstallation but also recovers formatted computer files.

“Remo Recover is developed under intense real-time testing conditions which will help you recover data from any unpredictable data loss situation. Designed with complete understanding of file systems and how they get formatted, Remo Recover will seamlessly recover data after a quick format. Download now and try it for free”

After you download and install Remo Recover, follow the below mentioned instructions for quick format recovery

Caution : Don’t download or install Remo Recover on to the same partition of quick formatted hard drive. Doing so will overwrite recoverable data and permanently erase it.

Steps for Quick Format Recovery

  • Launch Remo Recover software and select recover partitions option
  • The software will display storage devices and partitions/ volumes available on the computer
  • Identify the quick formatted storage device or partition or volume and click on Scan
  • Once the scan is completed recoverable data is displayed, mark the files you want to recover and click on save
  • A pop-up dialogue will ask you to Save recovery session before advancing to the next step. Make use of save recovery session and avoid rescanning the drive
  • Give the location where you want to save the recovered files and click on Save to complete a quick format recovery

Best thing about using Remo Recover is that the functionality of the application is not just limited to quick format recovery. You can save your precious data even from severe data loss scenarios such as recovering data from unreadable external hard drives, corrupt storage drives, unresponsive storage devices, etc

Quick Format Vs Full Format

As the name alone explains a quick format is quick and only replaces the existing MBR or filesystem with a new one. In contrast a full format process will take much more time and erases entire data saved on the storage drive. Recreates the file system and clears any logical bad sectors. It is like a complete overhaul of the storage drive.

Now for the actual question, “ is it possible to recover data after a full format?”

Unfortunately the answer is no, as explained in the previous sections of this article you can only recover data from a storage drive only if the data is not overwritten. In this case it is clear that data is completely erased. Even in case of quick format, if you use the drive to store any new data after formatting, will overwrite the recoverable data. So it is highly suggested to recover data from a quick formatted storage drive as soon as possible.

Why Should you Choose Remo Recover

  • Remo Recover built with algorithms that can analyze any file system like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc.
  • Recovering large drives can be time consuming, hence application facilitates you to save recovery session a handy feature that allows a user to pause and resume recovery process.
  • In case of critically scenario, you can create an ISO image to extract files from a formatted hard drive.
  • If you are trying to recover specific file type, recovered data is classified into a File type view and Data view to make file recovery easier.
  • A professional customer support team is available 24/7 at your service.


Since you have gone through the article, you must be clear about how to perform quick format recovery. Still, here are few things for you need to remember before formatting a drive. Check the device you are formatting is the right device or not. Take a backup of the data. Nevertheless, if you still cause data loss, refer to this article and recover data after quick formatting your drive.

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