How to Recover Files after Quick Format?

Updated October 11, 2021

Recovering data after quick formatting the hard drive has never been so easy, till now. Fortunately, now you can turn to Remo’s quick format recovery tool designed with the most intuitive user interface. Remo Recover is integrated with an advanced recovery algorithm that streamlines the entire quick format recovery process in just 3 clicks. With the help of the Remo Data Recovery software, you can recover files lost due to logical issues, such as accidental deletion, corruption in the drive, or formatting of the hard drive with added safety and security. Additionally, Remo Recover’s deep scan engine ensures flawless recovery from formatted or corrupt drive.

Think about instances when you accidentally quick formatted files but then you realize that the files were important. If you are thinking that it is impossible to recover data after a quick format. Then let us assure you that there are ways to recover files even from a quick formatted hard drive. However, keep in mind that the first thing you should do in such situations is to stop using the quick formatted hard drive. If you continue using the quick formatted hard drive, recoverable data will be overwritten and permanently erased. Thereby decreasing the chances of quick format recovery.

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Can Data be Recovered After a Quick Format?

Yes, data can be recovered after a quick format if you stop using the quick formatted disk immediately. A quick format only erases the pointers of the files saved on the drive, allowing you to add new information and the previous data becomes inaccessible. However, the data is actually still residing in the memory location, only the data entry is erased. Whenever you quick format the hard drive or any storage device, it just overwrites the file system and creates a new MBR or master boot record (MBR has information about the storage device’s contents).

How to Recover Data From a Quick Formatted Hard Drive?

Here are two solutions using which you can recover data from a quick formatted hard drive.

  • Use a Professional tool to Recover Data After a Quick Format
  • Quick formatting or even normal formatting is not like deleting the files, as it sends them to the Recycle Bin. After quick format, you can't simply perform recycle bin recovery to get all lost files back. Unformatting the storage device and recover all the formatted data is a quite complex process. Hence, you'll need a reliable quick format recovery tool to restore data after quick format.

    To recover the lost data choose Remo Recover’s Quick Format Recovery Tool. It is capable of rescuing lost files from formatted drives with a corrupted file system, invalid or RAW issues. It deeply scans the formatted storage device and lists all the restored files for preview on its scanning result window.

  • Unformat Hard Drive to the previous state

Undoing a quick format is a very complicated task and might not give you the desired data back. Thus you need to use reliable software to restore data after a quick format. You can follow the instructions mentioned below to recover files from the accidentally quick formatted hard drive.

What Tool Can Be Used To Recover Data From A Disk That Was Quick Formatted?

Before going any further, it must be noted that quick format recovery can be very critical and cannot be done manually. As there are no other ways to recover data from a quick formatted drive, you have to be very careful while choosing an effective data recovery tool to recover data.

Traits of Remo Recover that makes it an Effective Quick Formatted Data Recovery Software

  • A simple user interface that can help you recover data from a quick formatted drive all by yourself.
  • A robust scan engine that can scavenge individual storage sectors for data signatures.
  • An efficient recovery algorithm that yields perfect results even while dealing with most complicated data loss scenarios such as recovering files from a formatted computer.
  • Remo Recover is built with algorithms that can analyze any file system like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc.
  • Recovering large drives can be time-consuming, hence the application facilitates you to save recovery sessions a handy feature that allows a user to pause and resume the recovery process.
  • You can create an ISO image to recover files from a formatted hard drive in case of a critical scenario.
  • If you are trying to recover a specific file type, recovered data is classified into a File type view and Data view to make file recovery easier.

Considering all the above-mentioned features, Remo Recover is a comprehensive data recovery software that is designed and developed to effortlessly recover data even from the most complicated data loss scenarios. Hence, without any further due click on the download button and start recovering quick formatted data.

After you download and install Remo Recover, follow the below-mentioned instructions for quick format recovery.

Caution: Don’t download or install Remo Recover onto the same partition of the quick formatted hard drive. Doing so will overwrite recoverable data and permanently erase it.

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Steps for Quick Format Recovery

  • Launch Remo Recover software and select the recover partitions option. The software will display storage devices and partitions/ volumes available on the computer
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  • Identify the quick formatted storage device or partition or volume and click on Scan
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  • Once the scan is completed recoverable data will be displayed, mark the files you want to recover and click on save which will complete recovering quick formatted data.
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A pop-up dialogue will ask you to Save recovery session before saving the recovered data. Make use of save recovery session and avoid rescanning the drive

Best thing about using Remo Recover is that the functionality of the application is not just limited to quick format recovery. You can save your precious data even from severe data loss scenarios such as recovering data from unreadable external hard drives, corrupt storage drives, unresponsive storage devices, etc

Undo Quick Format

This process is designated for reverting back to the previous file format that you have changed while doing Quick Format. For this, you have to unformat the hard drive. But make sure that you are restoring all the lost data before reformatting the hard drive.

  • Connect the formatted drive to your computer. If it is the PC hard drive move to the next step.
  • Open File Explorer and right-click on the quick formatted drive and click on Format.
  • Select the File system from the list that was previously set. Then click on Start.
  • Recommended file format for Windows hard drives is NTFS and for external storage devices, you can select exFAT/ FAT32.

Now you can save the data that you recovered via Remo Recover in the drive. So now everything will be back to how it was previously before you accidentally quick formatted the hard drive.


Since you have gone through the article, you must be clear about how to perform quick format recovery. Still, here are few things you need to remember before formatting a drive. Check the device you are formatting is the right device or not. Take a backup of the data. Nevertheless, if you have lost data due to quick formatting the hard drive, refer to this article and recover data after quick format. Quick formatting deletes all the files present on the storage device but it does not fully erase the files. If you have accidentally formatted your drive, the data can still be recovered with the Remo Partition Recovery tool.

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