Restore Data after Installing Windows 7

Updated on June 10, 2020

Quick and hassle free recovery of files lost after Windows 7 installation using Remo Recover Windows software. Even restores data from corrupted windows, after system restore and from unbootable Windows!

Upgrading an older version of your operating system with a latest one seems to be an exciting process, especially because of all the unique features that come along with the new version. Let’s say, you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, you don’t have to do much since the installation process is simple and the steps are easy.

However, while installing Windows 7 OS, some files may get lost due to unexpected circumstances like system crash, damaged Windows Registry, file system corruption, software or hardware failure, and so on. You might think your files are lost forever and recovery is impossible! No, you can recover files after resetting Windows 7 in just a short span of time using Remo Recover Windows software.

Why files went missing after installing Windows 7?

Whenever you install Windows 7 OS to the drive or partition where OS exists, it will format the partition first and then start copying Windows 7 OS files. However, if the partition where you are installing Windows 7 has a space of 60 GB then it will not overwrite all the files on the partition. It will only use space which is required to copy Windows 7 OS files, so it clearly shows that the files which are saved on the space left after installing Windows 7 can be recovered easily by using Remo Recover software.

Safety measures to prevent data loss during installation process:

  • Backup all important files so that you can restore it under a data loss scenario during installation process
  • Carry out the installation of Windows 7 operating system with caution to avoid formatting wrong partitions
  • Do not save new data in the system if there is data loss after installation process

Easy recovery of files using Remo Recover Windows:

Remo Recover Windows is a powerful data recovery application that allows user to recover data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT hard drive partitions or recovering data from Windows 7 after installing. Moreover, it facilitates data recovery after installing Windows XP, Windows 10, 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS on various desktops and laptops. You can even use this software for recovering files from corrupted, damaged, formatted or inaccessible hard drive, USB drive, memory card and iPod.

Steps to recover files after installing Windows 7:

  • Download Remo Recover Windows software in your Windows 7 system and install it. Then launch the software
  • recover files after installing windows 7
  • Select Recover Partitions option from the main screen
  • Select the drive from which data is lost to initiate scanning and click Scan
  • After scanning is completed, a list of restored partitions will be displayed
  • Choose the partitions that previously had your lost data and press Scan
  • From the list of recovered files verify recovered data and then select the files to be saved in your preferred destination
  • recovering files lost or deleted after installing Windows 7
  • Avoid saving recovered files in the same storage drive from where it was restored

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