iPod Shuffle Music Recovery

Updated on June 17, 2021

Are you wondering how to recover your lost or deleted music from iPod shuffle? With the help of Remo Recover you will effortlessly be able to recover your iPod shuffle music with ease

Recover songs from iPod Shuffle

Losing your music from the iPod Shuffle is very terrible situation, as you might have spent hours and weeks together to find and download those songs. iPod Shuffle is the most brilliant invention of Apple Inc. especially for music lovers which is used to play and listen to your favorite music at any time and at any place. It is a very good companion while you are travelling and thus you store your entire favorite songs on your iPod Shuffle, which is the smallest version of iPods. But a small mistake or your carelessness might remove your favorite music from your iPod shuffle. Thus, all your weeks of search will all go in vain! It’s really a painful situation, for anyone to face. But, that’s not the end of it, even if you have lost your songs from iPod Shuffle there are huge chances of regaining them, unless the songs are not overwritten by other songs. To recover your favorite music lost from iPod Shuffle, make use of Remo Recover software, which is the ultimate tool and a reliable iPod data recovery software to get back your lost songs from your iPod Shuffle.

General situations of iPod Shuffle music deletion:

Restoring Factory Settings: Many a times, when you try to play songs or videos on your iPod Shuffle; you may encounter some errors and might not even play properly. In such circumstances, you will have to restore the iPod Shuffle to its factory settings. But, doing this will erase your data stored on your iPod Shuffle. If you have not taken the data backup, then for sure you will lose your music form iPod Shuffle. In case you are using iPod Nano 5th generation and you come across a similar situation then you can go through the tutorial on restoring videos from iPod 5g. This will help recover lost/deleted videos.

Virus Infection: There are situations, in which you may connect your iPod Shuffle to the virus infected system. This might even infect your other attached devices. Hence, your iPod Shuffle may get infected by virus, making your music inaccessible or unplayable.

Abrupt Removal: At times, you may abruptly remove your iPod Shuffle without ejecting it safely. In urgency, you may just pull the iPod from your computer. This causes corruption of the iPod Shuffle’s file system, which makes your iPod Shuffle inaccessible. At times, there are chances of loosing music on Mac as well. In such cases it would become difficult to recover lost iTunes music after computer crash.

Formatting iPod Shuffle: Sometimes when you connect iPod Shuffle to your computer, due to some unknown reasons your computer might not recognize your iPod Shuffle. Instead you may encounter some error messaging like “Drive not formatted: Do you want to format it now”. In case you receive such messages, you will have to format your iPod forcefully thus, you lose your songs.

In order to get back formatted iPod files, click here.

Remo Recover features:

In all the above situations, your iPod Shuffle music will be lost in one or the other way. However, you don’t need to get tensed at all. Since, Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) can easily restore your entire music from your iPod Shuffle. Some of the features of Remo Recover are here:

  • It is designed with technically-advanced algorithms, that can scan your iPod Shuffle several times and restores all your music files from iPod Shuffle
  • Even if your iPod Shuffle is corrupt or formatted, this tool can extract your songs effortlessly
  • Not just music files, it is also capable of recovering your ipod videos and pictures that to from other iPod versions like iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic along with their different generations
  • Also, in addition to the iPods it can even restore your audio files from hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, Flash memory cards and many more storage devices
  • Compatible with all major versions of both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Also supports photo recovery and video recovery from your iPod Shuffle and its various generations like 1 generation, 2 generation, etc. including the latest 4th generation iPod Shuffle

How Do I Perform photo recovery?

In order to recover your music files from iPod Shuffle, first connect your iPod to your system and follow the below explained steps:

Step 1: Download the Remo Recover Media Edition for Mac and install it on the system to which your iPod Shuffle is connected

Step 2: Launch the tool and from the main screen choose the “Recover Files” option

Step 3: Now, choose the drive to recover file

Step 4: Software scans the drive and after completion you can view the recovered files either as a Data View or File Type View

Step 5: Also, you can view each file by making use of “Preview” option and select only the required files for storing

Step 6: If you are using the trial version, you can save the scanned session using “Save Recovery Session” option and then resume the process after purchasing the tool with “Open Recovery Session” tab

Step 7: Now, you can save the selected files at any location of your choice

Important Note:

  • As and when you lose your files just stop using the iPod
  • Do not save the recovered files on the same iPod or drive from where you recovered them
  • The working of both Trial version and the licensed version are same, the difference is with trial version you cannot save the files, but can just view them

Additional Information: The above-mentioned information will help you recover lost music from iPod Shuffle. In case you want to recover deleted music from iPod Nano, click on the mentioned link.

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