Recover data from Smart Media Card

How to recover data from Smart Media card?

In normal situations, I wouldn't bother trying to recover images from a corrupted memory card, but this was the occasion of my daughter’s birthday, so just imagine my horror when I stuck my Toshiba Smart Media Card into the card reader and encountered an error message! I Now, I put the card back in the camera and a message pops up saying 'Card needs formatting'. Although Smart Media cards are no more manufactured today, including me, many of you might be still holding it in your old cameras.

A quick surfing of the Internet threw up several application packages which claimed they were able to recover data from a smart media card that claims it needs formatting. I tried many of the programs; the first two programs I tried didn't work at all. They couldn't even recognize the card. Some of the programs could retrieve some photos, but none of the picture processing programs could open the file. Is there any way out? The pictures are really important for me, and I’m ready to spend a reasonable amount for it.

Smart media card is a type of flash card. Although flash cards have a great number of advantages, the major drawback is that they cannot provide any guarantee against data loss. But fortunately, our engineers have worked hard and developed a software application program that has all the necessary characteristics required in order to achieve Smart media card recovery. This tool, namely Remo Recover comes into picture now. It is available for Windows and Mac users. Now let’s see how data loss may occur.

Format errors & data loss

  • Smart Media cards may be frequently corrupted and unusable when the cards are read / written in a card reading device.
  • Affected Smart Media cards will be unusable and the camera or device will be unable to format, read or write to the card.
  • Low level format corruption or a corrupted CIS (Card Information System) are vital signs of data loss and a change in the capacity that the device displays.
  • Accidental deletion, improper removal and virus attacks are some more causes

The majority of these card errors can be repaired and the data or photos can be recovered. A low level search with the appropriate software and equipment can return the Smart Media memory card to a proper working order.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Media Edition has incorporated advanced algorithms thus permitting a user to perform Smart Media Card recovery. Simple deletion cases and complex cases of formatting etc. can be taken care of by using this software.

  • Extremely quick scan and fast recovery of media files
  • Able to recognize all common file formats including audio, video and music formats
  • Also recovers RAW photos
  • Options to find and sort data on the basis of various attributes
  • Supports recovery from NTFS, FAT etc file systems and is compatible with all versions of Windows, including latest Windows 8
  • Provides user ability to ‘Preview’ and ‘Save Recovery Session’
  • Recovered files may be compressed and stored, if you have memory in scarce

Why to prefer Remo Software?

There are a lot of reasons as to why our software should be given preference. The first and the foremost reason is that it doesn’t modify the original files. This Photo Recovery tool is a read-only application, which only reads the information and doesn’t corrupt your existing files further. The user-friendly nature and ease of use of the software contributes to its advantage. Minimal space requirements and options like ‘Preview’, ‘Save Recovery Session’ and ’Find tool’ are some of the other reasons of its extraordinariness.

Few clicks:

  1. Download and Install
  2. Run and select device
  3. Chose appropriate option
  4. Preview and Save

The video tutorial below may help you:

1. Recover deleted data

2. Recover lost data

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