DVR is an acronym for “Digital Video Recorder”. It is actually an electronic gadget that records, save and play back television shows in real time, which uses internal hard disk with specific memory capacity instead of video tapes. Unlike a VCR, DVR can also pause live TV by recording the current show and even fast forward often during commercials to return to live television. Nowadays most satellite and cable TV companies offer a DVR as option with their television packages; therefore majority of people across worldwide preferring DVR due to some advanced spectacular features like it allows user to connect internet either through a digital cable package or via direct link.

However, in spite of all these tremendous features at times data saved in DVR may get delete due to human faults or unforeseen reasons; consider a real time scenario:

Hi! While deleting old episode files from DVR I unintentionally deleted an entire series. I spent a while looking for the undelete feature and to my surprise there was none, so I want to know what kind of software using HDD technology that lets me to recover deleted files? Does anyone know a simple technique to login to the DVR from computer \ laptop to recover those deleted files from disk?

Really, it feels terrible bad moment after accidental deletion of data which you have been stored since from long time on DVR. However, don’t worry! For every problem there is a solution like Remo Recover software through which you can use effortlessly to restore deleted files within matter of minutes. This tool has the ability to recover data from faulty external hard drive on major versions of Windows and Mac OS based system \ laptops utmost ease.

Common Reason Responsible for Deletion of DVR Data are as Follows:

  • Unintentional deletion of important data
  • Sometimes files get disappear from DVR when the device was running out of space
  • Severe virus or malware attack
  • Abrupt pulling of cable while transferring data from DVR to system \ laptop at times results in deletion of data

Well, whatever might be there reason for deletion of data from DVR, don’t get panic because just by making use of Remo Recover software you can get back all data with few clicks of mouse.

Remo Recover Software Highly Praised Features:

  • The software compatible retrieves all types of files from DVR without any difficulty
  • It supports lost data recovery from NTFS volume, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+ file systems
  • By making use of Remo Recover tool you can even restore deleted data from USB drive, external hard disk, system HDD, FireWire drive, MMC, memory cards, etc. with ease
  • Moreover, the utility even facilitates you to create disk image of DVR hard disk that is having bad sectors onto it.

Guidelines to use Remo Recover Tool:

  • 1. Download and install Remo Recover software on your desktop\laptop
  • 2. Connect the DVR to system and launch the application
  • 3. From the main screen select Recover Files
  • 4. Now, from the given listed of all the available drives, choose the one representing the DVR drive and click Scan
  • 5. The software scans the selected drive and lists all found files
  • 6. Then, preview the files and save the required ones on desired location to complete the recovery process
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Safe and Secure
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