Efficient Way to Repair Outlook

Updated on November 23, 2020

Corruption in Outlook files is the major cause for malfunction in Outlook. Remo Repair Outlook PST understands structure of Outlook data and performs repairs in a read only mode to give you a fully functional Outlook data file.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best platforms to manage, plan and collaborate your work. Faulty Outlook application could be due to virus, errors in program files or corruption in Outlook data files. Hence repairing Outlook becomes crucial as it holds information like emails, meetings, attachments, tasks etc. A crashing or freezing Outlook should be repaired to avoid any halts in your work and regain access to all your mails, calendar and notes.
However, repairing Outlook can involve the multiple troubleshooting methods depending on the source of the problem. Read through the following sections to learn effective ways to successfully repair Outlook on all the versions including 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010.

How do I fix my outlook email?

The Outlook email can be fixed with two different methods. The Office Repair tool is used, if there is an issue with the application and its program files. In order to fix the application, follow these instructions:

  • Right-click on Windows icon and select Apps and Features from the pop-up
  • Select Microsoft Office and click on Modify
  • Choose Online Repair and click on Repair button to start the repair process
  • Restart the computer after the repair process and the application will be ready to use

In case the application is working fine but you are not able to send or receive messages, then you would have to use Inbox repair tool to repair outlook

How to repair Outlook with Inbox Repair Tool?

Repair Outlook using inbox repair tool

The Inbox Repair Tool is a built-in utility that is useful in repairing Outlook data files. The tool is very effective in fixing headers of the corrupt PST file that are crucial to run the application. Follow the instructions given below to find inbox repair tool and run scanpst:

  • Press and hold theWindows key + R to open the Runcommand.
  • Type the given path and click the OK button: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    Note:The above-mentioned path applies to Office 2016, Office 2019, and Office 365(Replace office16 with the appropriate version on your computer).
  • If you're running Outlook 2013, use this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15.
    Note: If you are using an older version of the app, change Office15 in the path to Office14 for Outlook 2010, or to Office13 for Outlook 2007 in the path.
  • Double-click the SCANPST.EXE file to open the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair experience.

The above-mentioned troubleshooting step might help you fix the issue. However, there are possibility that the utility might fail in fixing critical errors such as fixing PST header file corrutions. Therefore, read the information in the further section to understand the limitations and also repair Outlook safely and effectively without any data loss.

Bonus Tip: If your Outlook keeps asking for password repeatedly everytime you launch the application, there is a way to fix it. refer the highlighted link.

Why Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair your Outlook data files?

The Inbox Repair Tool is only efficient enough to repair lower level of corruption, as the tool helps you in only repairing the headers of the PST files. Using Inbox Repair tool utility will not be able repair Outlook data with high levels of corruption.
Moreover, if scanpst is not able to read certain data, the tool might delete those data. Hence, there are chances of loosing the data such as mails, calendars, notes, and attachments. When the tool fails to fix the issue, the safest way to repair Outlook is to utilize a professional Outlook repair software by Remo.

Remo Repair Outlook is a specialized tool to repair corrupted Outlook data. Integrated with robust algorithms, the software repairs Outlook data files even with higher levels of corruption turns it to a usable PST file. In addition to repairing, the tool can also recover lost Outlook files such as Emails, notes, calendar data, and attachments. Download and try the software for free now.”

Free DownloadFor Windows

Additional information: Remo Outlook Repair tool is also very capable of repairing files with most common Outlook errors. Click on the link to know more.

How to repair Outlook?

In order to repair outlook, download and install the Remo Repair Outlook software and follow the below mentioned steps.
Step 1: From the main screen select, Find all Your PST File and click Next
How to repair outlook
Step 2: Select the appropriate drive to repair search the PST file and click on Find
Step 3: Once the Outlook data files are displayed, choose the PST file that has to be repaired and click Next
Step 4: Select the Smart Scan option, browse for a location to save the repaired Outlook file and click on scan to repair Outlook
click on Repair to start the outlook repair process
Step 5: After repairing Outlook, click on navigate to the saved location to find the repaired Outlook data file


The Microsoft Inbox repair tool can be used repair Outlook in case of minor corruption. As the article indicates, the possibility of repairing Outlook is very low and the chances of data cannot be denied. However, in case you are stuck in a situation where the Inbox repair tool is failed to fix Outlook issue do not worry. You can always depend on Remo Repair Outlook software and fix the Outlook problem in no time. Not only that user can also recover Outlook deleted attributes or items with the help of this tool.

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