Repair Doc File Association

Doc File Association can be due to various reasons starting from missing data in Windows registry to Word file corruption. In case, if your Word file is severely damaged or corrupted due to interruptions while working on Word document or malware attack. Then Remo Repair Word is the best choice to fix the Doc file problem effortlessly. The tool is compatible with all the operating systems including MS Word 2019, 2016, and the earlier versions,It's available for free.

Written by John Harris, Updated on August 02, 2023

I am unable to open my doc file due to an association problem. When I double-click on the Doc file, it is showing me an error saying “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. please install a program or if one is already installed create an associate in the default programs control panel". How do I restore file associations to default? Please Help!

What is Doc File Association?

Doc File association is a correlation between the Document and Microsoft Word that ensures that any file with a .doc file extension will open in MS Word. Your PC keeps a track of all the programs that are being installed in the system and associates them with the file types that will open through them. In this scenario, file types like .doc, .docx, .docm, etc should be associated with the program Microsoft Word.

This Word error arises if the Doc file is not associated with the designated application i.e, MS Word. In such cases, even if the Doc file opens it won’t be in the proper format or in the expected application.

Generally, a file association error pops up when you are trying to open a doc file that you might have received via email. Or when you have recently upgraded the MS Word version. Besides this, if your doc file is incorrectly associated then you may also come across the following symptoms:

  • The file icon will be blank or
  • Word files might have an incorrect or broken icon.

How do I Fix Doc File Association?

The following methods will assist you in fixing the Doc File association problem.

  1. Fix Doc File Association with the Open-With Option

  2. The “Open with” option will allow you to select the program with which you want to open the doc file. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Go to File Explorer and Browse the Doc File having file association issues.
    • Then right-click on the file and select the Open With option.
    • Application Open with option

    • Select Microsoft Word from the list and check the box saying Always use the selected program to open this kind of file if not checked already.
    • Enable always use this app to open doc file

    • Finally, Click OK to fix Doc File Association.

    This method should resolve the file association problem but sometimes you might not get the option to choose MS Word from the list. Then this fix will be invalid. In that case, you can go ahead with the next procedure of fixing the issue.

  3. Use Default Apps to Fix Doc File Association error

  4. You can solve this issue by setting Microsoft Word as the default app to open your Documents on Windows. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make MS Word the default application:

    • Press the Windows Key on the keyboard and select Settings.
    • In the Settings window, click on Apps and then select Default Apps.
    • Go to default apps in settings

    • Now, scroll down and select Choose default Apps by File type.
    • Choose apps by filetype to fix doc file asssociation issue

    • In the next window go down and search .doc and click on the + sign present beside the extension.
    • Choose default apps by filetype to fix doc file asssociation issue

    • Select MS Word from the list.
    • Choose MS Word from the list to fix doc file asssociation issue

    Hopefully, the above methods will solve the issue. But if the problem still persists there are high chances that the Word file is damaged and needs to be repaired. Go ahead with the next solution to fix the Word file corruption.

  5. Fix Corrupt Word document causing Doc file Association using Remo Repair Word for free

  6. If the Doc file association error is still popping up while you are trying to access the file, this indicates that the doc file is corrupted. Corruption can occur because of various reasons like virus infection, power surge during editing, or if you modify the file association or change the file extension repetitively. In such a context, it is necessary to repair the doc file with a proficient tool.

    Use Remo Repair Word, which not only repairs the corrupt Doc file but also retrieves the data from it completely including the text, images, hyperlinks, charts, table, etc. This tool ensures the safety of the Word file by working in read-only mode.

    Steps to Fix Doc File association using Remo Repair Word:

    • Download and install Remo Repair Word software.
    • Launch the application and select the Doc file by browsing trough your computer by using the Browse option and then click on Repair option
    • Select Doc File to Repair

    • The repair process will begin immediately, and once complete it will show the message showing the process is complete.
    • Preview Repaired DOC File

    • After successful completion the program. Click on the save the repaired file in the desired location.
    • Save Repaired Word Document

Reasons for Doc File Association problem?

  • The doc file will be inaccessible if the doc file association information is missing in the Windows registry.
  • If you have modified the Word file association or changed the extension of the file multiple times. Then, this may lead to corruption of the file and ultimately it will seize to open.

Extra Info: The file association error is just not restricted to doc files. You can face a file association issue in PPTX or PPT files as well. If you are unable to access your PowerPoint file because of a corrupted file association, then read to resolve the problem.

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