Remo Repair Word

  • Easily & quickly repairs corrupt Word documents
  • Fixes .doc & .docx files securely with all its embedded objects
  • Creates new healthy document copy keeping original file intact
  • Repairs Word files created on MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc.

*Preview repaired files using this free demo

Remo Word Repair Tool to Fix Damaged or Corrupted Word Files (.doc, .docx)

Microsoft Word is the most popular application used in creating professional documents on Windows. Its unparalleled popularity makes it the most widely used document processing application in the whole world. However, it is the best software available to create documents but there are several reasons, which can cause corruption to a Word file.

  • Macro Viruses
  • Sudden computer reboots
  • Software conflicts

Remo Repair Word is the right solution to repair such Microsoft Word documents. It scans and extracts the text from damaged or corrupt Word files (.doc, .docx) that may refuse to open. Once a file is repaired using Remo Repair Word, the extracted text can be saved in a new healthy blank Word file.

Features of Remo Repair Word

  • Repairs all types of DOC and DOCX files
  • Repairs DOC files, which refuse to open due to any corruption
  • Repair and recovers text, formatting, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt DOC files
  • Once repair process is over, you can preview the lost data that can be recovered from the damaged / corrupt Word file
  • Recovered file contents can be saved to any destination location accessible to the host operating system
  • Supports Windows 7 (32 - bit, 64-bit)

How safe is Remo Repair Word?

Your original .doc or .docx file remains intact – It reads from the original file and a new healthy Word file is generated. This ensures that your original corrupt .doc or .docx file remains intact, and no further damage will be caused.

Professional 24x7 Support. Remo Software’s support team can help resolve any difficulties or provide answers to an unlimited number of questions related to our products. You can contact our team 24x7 through live chat or submit a trouble ticket through the website.

How does Remo Repair Word fix Word document?

The software uses an automated process to repair corrupt MS Word (.doc, .docx) files.

  • Download and install the trial version of the software on your system
  • Launch the software and Browse to select your corrupt .doc or .docx file
  • Click on Repair button to start the repair process
  • Preview the repaired file. If you are satisfied with the results, you can then purchase the software.
  • Once activated, save the repaired file to any location

Note: The trial version of Remo Repair Word software is technically similar to the activated version, except that "saving" of recovered data is disabled. The software needs to be activated in order to enable "saving" functionality, which completes the process of repairing files that are corrupt.

Remo Repair Word is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt DOC, DOCX files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted DOC, DOCX files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).

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