Restore Data from KingMax Memory Card

How to Recover KingMax Media Card

There could be nothing worse than losing pictures, videos, presentations, or other files from your KingMax memory card. But with Remo Memory Card Recovery tool, deleted or lost files from KingMax memory card will be restored in just few minutes!!!

Your KingMax memory card is corrupted, and you don’t have access to it. There is an important video file which you need for a presentation, but you are unable to do anything now. Are all files present in the memory card gone forever?

Well, we all know that memory cards are widely used owing to their portability, easy data storage and transfer, and so on. However, this doesn’t mean that files stored in memory cards are safe. Your KingMax memory card corruption is just one such scenario where you lose important data. There are various other situations where files get deleted or lost from KingMax memory card –

  • Accidentally deleting files from KingMax memory card when it is connected to the system
  • Interruptions while transferring files between system and KingMax memory card
  • Ejecting memory card by mistake during read / write process
  • Formatting KingMax memory card instead of some other drive
  • Using the same media card on different devices without formatting it

Few instances of losing KingMax data were listed. But do not get upset, as your files are not lost forever. You can get back data from KingMax memory card with ease. Remo Memory Card Recovery software is designed to restore files erased or lost from KingMax memory card, effortlessly.

KingMax Memory Card Recovery using Remo Recover software:

The tool is designed with innovative features which helps to recover data from KingMax memory card in a safe and easy manner. Whether the card is formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, etc, the application gets back files from it. Various file types like spreadsheets, documents, photos, music files, etc. can be restored easily.

Tag along these Steps to Retrieve KingMax Memory Card Data:

  • Download and install Remo Memory Card Recovery software on your system
  • Connect KingMax memory card to the system. Launch the software, and select Recover Photos option from the main screen
  • In the following screen, select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos option depending on the situation
  • Select KingMax memory card from the list of drives to initiate scanning process and click Next
  • Once scanning is completed, a list of recovered files is displayed
  • Preview the recovered files using Preview option and select required ones to be saved

Supported memory card types: The software supports photo recovery from various types of memory cards such as SD cards, XD cards, microSD cards, CF cards, MMC cards, and so on.

Along with data recovery from KingMax memory card, Remo Recover software also supports restoration of lost data from other storage mediums like hard disk drives, flash memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives, etc. The program retrieves files from other memory card brands too, such as Lexar, SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Patriot, etc.

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