How to Recover Unsaved or Deleted AutoCAD files?

Updated on August 01, 2022

Are you wondering how to recover your lost/deleted or unsaved AutoCAD files? In this article find how to recover Autocad files effortlessly with the of Remo File Recovery Tool that is well built to recover your deleted AutoCAD files within a few clicks. Download now and try the tool for free..

As we all know AutoCAD is a widely used design application to create and modify various types of designs and textures. Since each and every file created using AutoCAD tool requires immeasurable hours of expert’s work, loss of such drawing files can be fretful.

Unlike other types of files, AutoCAD files cannot be easily recreated again if you lose them. If you have a valid backup then you can easily conquer the crisis. However, in absence of appropriate backup, you will be in big trouble.

You can get over this situation with the aid of a good rescue utility tool. The AutoCAD drawings may be your precious paintings, office work, 2D, 3D designs etc. It doesn’t matter how dependable and safe the file system is, there are few critical times when the AutoCAD users lose their precious drawing files intentionally or unintentionally.

Suppose if you have lost your vital AutoCAD drawing files due to reasons like deletion, formatting of the drive or software corruption, there are a few approaches to recover lost or deleted AutoCAD files.

Reasons for loss of AutoCAD files are:

  • Intentional or unintentional deletion
  • Virus, spyware or Malware infection
  • File system breakdown
  • Inappropriate removal of external drive while sinking AutoCAD files to computer or vice versa
  • Bad sectors on hard drive
  • Unexpected system shutdown while accessing AutoCAD files etc

How to Recover AutoCAD files?

Below listed are the two methods to recover unsaved or deleted AutoCAD files without any hassle.

  • Recover Unsaved AutoCAD file
  • Recover Lost or Deleted AutoCAD files?

    How do I Recover unsaved AutoCAD file?

    When you create an AutoCAD file with the .dwg file as the extension, the software creates a backup file with the .bak extension. if you haven’t had your AutoCAD file saved, you need to check out whether there is a file named with .bak file named in the same location. If the file is visible, copy it to your desktop, exchange the extension .bak with .dwg and confirm the operation. After following the steps you will be able to successfully recover an unsaved AutoCAD file or the drawing.

    If there isn’t any AutoCAD file backup, and you want to recover an unsaved AutoCAD file, find the .sv$ file. It is an Automatic Save file, which gets created by default when you start working on a project or a file. You can recover an unsaved CAD file by replacing the file extension .sv$ with the .dwg extension. You can try this method if the autosave feature was not helpful.

    Note: Following is the file path to find .sv$ and .bak files - C:\Temp > AutoCAD > Options > Support file Tab > File extension

    How do i Recover Lost or Deleted AutoCAD files?

    If the above methods do not help to recover recover a lost or deleted AutoCAD file, you will need the help of a reliable data recovery tool like Remo Data Recovery Software which has easy and simple user interface that makes the AutoCAD file rescue process easy.

    This is the unique and widely appreciated tool available in the market which sorts the rescued AutoCAD files on the basis of various file attributes. Furthermore, this tool is considered to be one of the finest software to restore AutoCAD and other files

    Steps to Recover AutoCAD files?

    • Download and install Remo File Recovery software on your Windows computer.
    Download Now For Windows Download Now For Mac
    • Launch the software and select the Drive or Partition from where you want to recover AutoCAD Files from the main screen and click on the Scan button.
    • launch the tool to recover deleted autocad files

    • The tool starts scanning the drive to identify and locate the AutoCAD files that were unsaved or deleted. Once the scan is completed a list gets displayed on your screen.
    • You can make use of Advanced Filter option to filter the files based on file type, date modified, and status of your file.
    • click on advanced filter and just add file type, file signature or modified data

    • Preview the recovered files by double clicking on it, if you are satisfied select the files that you want to restore and click on Recover option.
    • select the required autocad files and preview them by double-clicking on the file

    • If you are satisfied with recovery process, activate the software to save your AutoCAD files.
    • activate the software to save your AutoCAD files

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