How to Clean a Malware Infected Computer and Recover Data

Updated on January 20, 2020

Here is a complete tutorial to clean your virus infected drives! Formatting drive and re-installing Windows Os will be the best option to get rid of virus or Malware infections. In the process, if you lose any data then Remo Recover softwar will help you retrieve all your files back from the virus infected drives in simple steps...

The first step to keep your computer secure is to ensure that it doesn’t get infected. And that’s why you should use an antivirus that checks the application before it runs and preferably prevents virus from entering your computer. If the malware escapes this protection, then it starts ruling your system till it is exposed and removed.

This can be a cause of concern for many reasons – it may infect several system files; it gets access to your credit card, password, and other personal details. Even worse, it opens its door to more malicious software that will be downloaded from the internet.

So, what’s the solution now for this you may ask? Well, to clean your system off the malware is a lengthy process and it might even take days together to remove it. One done, there’s no guarantee that your computer is 100% safe.

Reinstalling Windows is the Solution

So, to get rid of the malware or any infection, the best solution is to reinstall Windows. Reinstallation will wipe the system files and will be replaced with good-ones. You’ll have to reinstall all your programs as well to ensure they are safe. The programs that you should keep an eye are .exe files. Re-download these programs if possible.

Data Loss After Reinstalling Windows

Reinstallation wipes everything from your system – from apps you downloaded to the data that is stored. Apps can be downloaded again but data? If you have a backup that’s well and good if not, then using Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software is the viable solution.

Do not download anything on this hard drive, as it will overwrite the data leaving with less data recovery success percentage.

Quick Steps to Recover Data After Cleaning Infected Windows Computer

Remo Hard Drive Recovery is a comprehensive tool to effortlessly recover hard drive. Its in-built algorithm scans through the drive to locate the hard drive’s content and restores in its original hierarchical structure. Follow the mentioned guide to restore data from infected hard drive:

  • Download and install Remo Recover on another computer and connect the affected hard drive as a slave drive.
  • Run the software and select Recover Drives and then Formatted / Reformatted Recovery. Figure 1
  • Select the drive that you want recover data from. The software begins to scan the drive for the lost data. Figure 2
  • The rescued data will be displayed which can be previewed.
  • Finally, click Save button to save the data in a location of your choice. Figure 3

Feature of Remo Hard Drive Recovery Tool

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