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Fix Not Opening PPTX Files

Repair PPTX files which are not opening by using Remo Repair PowerPoint software. Microsoft PowerPoint files (PPT, PPS and PPTX) that shows error messages can also be fixed in just few steps.

Have you been through this unfortunate incident where your PPTX file, which you had prepared for an important business presentation, failed to open? Even after trying many manual ways to fix the issue and open the .pptx file, the file refuses to open. Instead, an error message pops up every time stating that the file is corrupted.

You don’t understand how your .pptx file got corrupted and the thought of recreating the entire presentation again leaves you worried. Whenever PPTX file refuses to open, then it is an indication that your file is corrupted and there are various reasons which lead to PPTX file corruption. A few causes are mentioned below:

  • Sudden system shutdown while PPTX files are in transfer or when a PPTX file is still in use
  • Repeatedly changing the file format of PPTX file i.e. from .pptx to .ppt and again back to .pptx from .ppt
  • Recovering deleted or lost PPTX files using unreliable tools
  • Incomplete or improper installation of MS PowerPoint sometimes cause this problem

When PPTX file gets corrupted due to the reasons listed above, then you encounter problems with the file like – unable to open PPTX file, texts overlap with objects, or the file displays error message when you try to access it. Under all such instances, repairing the corrupt PPTX file is necessary because the file may contain a business presentation or an important project slides.

Quickly Fix Not Opening PPTX File with Remo Repair PowerPoint

Remo Repair PowerPoint software is designed to fix PPTX file which is not opening. It is a read-only tool which makes sure that your original .pptx file is not damaged further. It only extracts data from the corrupt file and saves the retrieved data on a new file. Also, during the repair process, the application recovers text, animations, images, OLE objects, sound effects from the damaged PPTX file. The program will fix PPTX file accessing error, PPTX not opening, and other problems with PPTX in just few steps.

The utility restores the PPTX files with actual headers and footers after fixing it. It even allows you to repair corrupted PPT, PPS and PPSX files which are not opening. PPTX files created on various versions of MS PowerPoint can be fixed efficiently and Remo Repair PowerPoint software supports all the versions of Windows operating system including the latest Windows 10.

Steps to Repair Not Opening PPTX Files:

  • Download the software and install it on your system
  • Launch the application. Next, browse for the PPTX file that should be fixed and click on Repair
  • After the repair process, preview the fixed file using Preview option
  • Save the .pptx file on a location of your choice

Tips to Remember:

  • Keep a copy of important PPTX files on an external storage device
  • Make sure you close PowerPoint application properly
  • Never attempt to change the file format of PPTX file
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