[SOLVED] Image part ID RLD2 was not Found in the PowerPoint File Error

I was in a hurry, so I opened the PPT file directly on my pen drive, made the necessary changes and saved it. The next time I opened the file, the images in the slide were gone and a red ‘X’ mark now appears with an error message ‘The image part with relationship ID rld2 was not found in the file’. What is wrong? Where are my images? Why is my PPt showing rld2 not found in PowerPoint error?

It can be really frustrating to receive such error messages in important files. We understand how you feel and are here to provide some helpful tips.

You must understand that this error is known to occur mainly due to editing/opening your PPT file on the USB flash drive.

If you’ve lost images due to this bug, unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do to repair or recover them. The only workaround is to get those missing images and insert them again in your slide.

Note: This error is also known to occur in Mac’s when you’re saving your PPT file on a network drive.

Prevent this error from happening again

  • Microsoft is aware of this issue and has provided a fix through its updates. So, in order to prevent this error from happening again, get the latest update for your version of PowerPoint by visiting Help > Check for Updates.
  • If you are using a Mac, it is best to avoid saving or opening PPT files from a mounted network drive. (AFP, NFS, SMB)
  • Both Mac and Windows users, always open/save your PPT files only on your local hard disk. For instance, if your file is present on a pen drive, first copy it to your system, make the required edits and save the changes. Then copy it back to your pen drive. Basically, try to avoid making any changes to the file saved on an external storage device.
  • If your file is saved on a cloud or a shared drive, avoid making changes there. First download the file on your local hard disk and edit it. Then copy it back to the synced folder or cloud.

Other PowerPoint errors

‘Rld2’ or ‘Rld3’ errors are one thing, but you may also face other errors with your PPT files such as ‘can’t read the file’, ‘the file you are trying to open is corrupt or damaged’, ‘PowerPoint file not responding’ etc. In such cases, repairing the PPT file will resolve the issue.

To repair your PPT file, Remo Repair PPT is a great choice. Along with repairing the file and recovering text and formatting, it also recovers images, hyperlinks and embedded objects.

Repair your PPT file

If you’re wondering how to use the software, don’t worry! Repairing your PPT files cannot get simpler; all you need to do is choose a file to repair and click on Repair. The software will repair your file and save it in a location you specify. That’s it!

Remo Repair PPT offers a trial to repair your PPT file for free. What’s more? It also offers a free preview to evaluate the repaired file. Download and check out the trial version today!

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