Remo Repair RAR

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  • Powerful RAR repair tool
  • Extremely Easy-to-use wizard interface
  • Repair severely damaged / corrupt RAR files

Remo Repair RAR

Data corruption can happen on a regular basis for any file type, it may happen to your emails, documents and archive file likes RAR. When a RAR file is corrupted, the problem can be distressing as not one single file is in question but it can be many files compressed inside the corrupt RAR file and it could be your most treasured videos collection, photos collection or a large database of confidential information.

A RAR file is created using application like WinRAR and the most general usage is to save backup of important data in storage where due to space constraints you would like to compress them. Corruption or damage to such file types definitely is a matter of concern for any one who has important data. However, with software like Remo Repair RAR it is easy to handle such situations. You can repair such corrupt files in few seconds.

Please follow the course of this page and the guidelines to have complete understanding of Remo Repair RAR utility.


  • Supports repair of all versions of RAR files
  • Repair password-protected RAR archives
  • Support repair of RAR files having CRC error
  • Fix RAR files having size of 4 Gb or more
  • Strong RAR repair algorithms / engine
  • Completely automated repair process
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use interface.

Why Remo Repair RAR?

Free Demo version - To view the recovery results and evaluate the capability of the software

Safe to use - Remo Repair RAR is non-destructive and read-only software, which makes sure that the original corrupt RAR file, is intact.

Technical Support - Free professional technical support to assist you when you need any help

How to Repair RAR file using Remo Repair RAR?

The overall repair process is simple

  • Download and install Remo Repair RAR trial
  • Browse and select your RAR file using browse button and select the button "Repair" to begin repair process.
  • The software will start scanning the RAR file
  • Once the repair process is over, you would be able to preview the contents of the file
  • To save the contents from the repaired RAR file, now press "Next", a window will open where you can specify destination location save lost data
  • Click the "Select Folder" button to choose the destination path, which can be your local drive, externally attached USB drive, or a mapped network location. Select the location and click the "Save" button to save all your lost data.
  • The saving process will not work if you are evaluating the trial version. To activate the saving functionality you need to purchase the software. Once, purchased you will receive a license key to activate the software. After activation, the "Save" button will be active to allow saving the recovered content from the repaired RAR file.

Remo Repair RAR is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt RAR files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted RAR files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).

Safe and Secure
Free Support

"...All of my documents and photo files were recovered in the same folders and file names as they were originally. I had over 400 GB of data restored..."

Kathryn Boulden

"...Remo Recover retrieved all my broken and deleted files without missing a single one..."

Jay Dandell

System Requirements

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

RAM – 1 GB RAM (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)

Free disk space – 50 MB (for installation)

Note: You must log in to your Windows PC as Local System Administrator to install the software