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  • Safest choice to recover deleted or lost data on any Mac computer
  • Specially designed Mac recovery tool to restore data from severe data loss scenarios
  • Ensures recovery of data from APFS, encrypted APFS, HFS+, HFS, exFAT etc.
  • Recover data from Mac on any storage devices like hard drive, SSD, USB, SD card etc.
  • Mac hard drive recovery after deleted or lost files, formatted Mac volumes and corrupted hard drives

*Free demo allows to scan & preview deleted and lost data

Many Mac Computers | One Mac Data Recovery Software

An exclusive tool to recover data from Mac computer with complete support for all the Mac operating systems including the latest macOS Catalina.

Recover Data from any Mac Computer or macOS
Retrieves 300+ file types from any Storage device
Flexible recovery across APFS, HFS+, HFS, exFAT etc.


"…To put Remo Recover Pro to the test, we assembled a varied collection of files: PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, various image files, including JPEGs, TIFFs and… a couple of raw files... onto a number of hard disks... and USB flash drives, including one formatted as FAT32… Remo Recover retrieved all our broken and deleted files without missing a single one..." - Mac Format Magazine


"I used the Remo Recovery Mac. I'm still wondering at the easiness of use, the simplicity of the interface and at the speed of recovery. This software is really worth the expense when needed."- Pol Bodlo

Key Features

Recover any File from Mac Devices:

Remo Recover Mac Pro is designed with an advanced search algorithm which ensures complete scan of the Mac hard drive sector by sector. With the ability to recover more than 300 file types, the tool also lets you specify any additional file type you want to recover. Either your old iMac or the latest Macbook air, you can always be sure of recovering deleted or lost data with Remo Mac data recovery software.

Recover Data on Mac from any Storage Devices:

Although Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool is specially designed for Mac devices, it has its support for various storage devices like Mac Fusion drives, hard drives, SSD, USB drive, SD card, etc. Be it corrupt, damaged, inaccessible or a drive that has turned RAW, irrespective of data loss scenarios you can always recover data using Mac data recovery tool.

Recover Deleted or Lost Mac Volume:

Data loss can occur in many ways, accidentally deleting the file is the most common way of losing it. With Remo Recover Mac Pro you not only perform deleted Mac hard drive recovery but also can recover lost data from Mac devices. Be it accidentally deleted Mac volume or a damaged or corrupt Mac volume, make use of Remo Recover Mac Pro to recover data from Mac hard drives.

Formatted Mac Volume Recovery:

Formatting can be used to manage storage devices as well as fixing corrupt Mac drives. However, formatting or reformatting also involves data loss. Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool is your go to solution for recovering formatted Mac volumes. Apart from recovering data from Mac’s APFS, HFS+, you can also recover files from NTFS, FAT, FAT32 file systems. With an embedded RAW signature search engine by your side, you can be sure of recovering data even from RAW Mac hard drive.

Advanced Scan for complete Mac Data Recovery:

Data recovery can be a tricky process, a deleted file can be recovered in a jiffy where as a lost Mac volume data might take a longer time to be recovered. To address this issue, Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool is powered with two scan options, standard and advanced respectively. Standard scan ensures a quick recovery of Mac data in minor data loss scenarios. However, advanced scan option plays a vital role in recovering data in severe data loss scenarios. It might make you wait, but the wait is as worthy as your lost data.

First Try, then Buy:

Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool is completely free to download. Download the demo version and perform deleted or lost Mac data recovery. The demo version contains all the features of an activated version. After completion of the Mac data recovery process, the tool will display the available data for recovery in data type view and file type view. With the help of Preview option you can easily check the recovered data from Mac. If you are satisfied activate the tool and save the recovered Mac files.


Why Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool?

  • Flawless Mac Data Recovery:

    With Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool, you can recover deleted or lost data quickly. The robust scan engine 0ffers a smooth data recovery experience even in severe data loss situations.

  • Recover 300+ files from Mac Devices:

    Be it photo, video or an important document, you can recover lost files of more than 300 file types on Mac based devices. Apart from Mac devices, the tool has its support for recovery of data from any storage devices like hard drives, SSD, Fusion drives, USB etc.

  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

    Remo has a dedicated team of well trained staff to assist you in performing Mac data recovery. Available 24/7, you can get assured resolution for complex data loss scenarios and recover data from your Mac computer.

Supported File Types

Files / Documents


Photo / Images / RAW Photos



AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM, WMV, VOB, OGG etc.


MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, RA, AMR etc.

Supported Devices / Manufacturers

Overview on Mac Data Recovery:

Mac computers are well known for their sleek design and smooth performance. Unfortunately, it is not free from data loss. Be it accidentally emptied Mac trash or formatted Mac volume, data loss is inevitable.

Although Mac provides Time Machine backup to be prepared for data loss disasters, not every user can have an extra hard drive to take back up. On the other hand, what would you do if the hard drive holding time machine backup is damaged or corrupted? Or how do you recover permanently deleted files from Mac?

All you need is a professional Mac data recovery software. A Mac data recovery software not only ensures recovery of permanently deleted files from Mac but also helps you to recover Time Machine Backup files. However, with many recovery programs available for Mac to choose from you need the best recovery program for Mac that can help you recover lost Mac data.

Now the next question is which is the best Mac hard drive recovery software to use? How can you ensure recovering deleted data from Mac?

Remo Mac Data Recovery is the smartest choice to recover data on Mac from any storage devices. The advanced scan engine ensures data recovery even in severe data loss scenarios like formatted or lost Mac volumes. The tool is designed to seamlessly work on various versions of Mac platforms like Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, etc. Download and try the tool for free now.

Quick note before you perform Mac Drive Data Recovery:

When you delete a file from drive, the deleted or lost data is not instantly erased by your computer. Instead the space where the data resides will be marked as ready to be overwritten. Hence, it is strongly recommended to stop using the storage device from which you want recover lost Mac data. Go to the next section to know how to recover deleted data from Mac.

How to Perform Mac Data Recovery ( Deleted or lost)?

To recover data from Mac, download and install Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software on your computer. Follow the below mentioned quick steps to recover deleted or lost data from Mac.

Common Scenarios where Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool comes in handy:

  • Recover Mac data from emptied trash

  • Recover Deleted or lost Partitions

  • Recover formatted Volumes

  • Recover Mac data from corrupt or damaged drives

  • Recover any file formats from any Mac computers

  • Safely restores data from Time Machine Backup

Visit hard drive resources to learn how to perform data recovery from hard drives in any data loss scenarios

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