Why do I get an error “Unsupported File Format”, while trying to repair MOV/MP4 using Remo Repair MOV software?

Not all MOV/MP4 files are same. Every MOV/MP4 files have different file structure; the file structure differs between each device and their model (Cameras, Camcorders, Mobile Phone, etc.) which creates MOV or MP4 files.

This error message only appears when you have selected a corrupted file from an unsupported Camera model, which Remo Repair MOV software doesn’t support. Please check the list of supported devices by Remo Repair MOV software.

It’s highly impossible to research on every device which creates a MOV or MP4 file. However, we have done a research on wide variety of Cameras and Mobile phones. In case the file you are trying to repair is not supported by Remo Repair MOV software, you could contact our Technical Support team, they would help you repair the unsupported corrupt files.

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