Tablet Computer

Written by John Harris, Updated on October 05, 2023

Tablet computers are wireless portable personal computers that utilize a touchscreen or a stylus pen to access or process information, which are lightweight devices with greater mobility. They also typically have a keyboard and / or a mouse for input, but most of them don’t prefer to use them.

Tablet Computers has an LCD screen on which the user can write the information with the help of a special-purpose pen, or stylus. This handwriting can be digitized and can be converted to standard text through handwriting recognition technique, or it can remain in the same handwritten text format also. This latter ability is known as “rich digital ink” because the inking i.e. writing, scribbling and drawing etc. will be stored as a graphic text after algorithms smooth out rough edges.

The stylus can also be used to type on a pen-based key layout wherein all the keys with letters will be arranged differently than a traditional QWERTY keyboard.

Different Styles of Tablets:

Convertible tablet: This style typically has a display that rotates 180 degrees and can be folded to close and screen up over the integrated keyboard. These models may allow user input through a variety of methods like hardware keyboard, natural handwriting with a stylus or digital pen and even typing using a screen-based software keyboard.

Hybrid table: Sometimes these are also referred as a convertible or hybrid notebook that is like a regular notebook but has a removable display and functions independently as a slate.

Rugged tablet: It is a slate-like model that is designed to resist rough handling and even the extreme conditions. Rugged tablets are usually enclosed in a protective shell and have shock-protected hard drives.

Benefits of Tablet computers

  • Simple to use and easy to carry around anywhere due to its high portability and light weight
  • Tablet PCs are quite larger and offer a better user experience whether reading, writing or watching a movie etc.
  • Tablets turn on quickly and providing almost instant access to the internet or your apps
  • Apps can be downloaded easily add an enormous range of functions, like drawing, games and work based activities like Word and Excel

Features of Tablet computers:

Touchscreen: The touchscreen is with what you are interacting with to control the tablet. Similar to using a mouse and cursor on a computer, you can just touch the screen and swipe your finger to make selections, open the programs, move up, down and across pages, and zoom in and out. You also use the on-screen keyboard to input text.

Operating systems: Tablet PCs, use one of several competing operating systems. Following are the OS used in tablets. All of them have different versions and feature downloadable apps.

  • Android: Android gives you access to a huge number of apps and support open-source development for its software and features.
  • iOS: Is a Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad which gives you access to thousands of downloadable apps using Apple's signature multi-touch gestures.
  • Windows:The Windows OS has multi-touch support for tablet, touch screens and many other standard features present on Windows PCs.
  • BlackBerry OS: This OS offers easy synchronization of your e-mails, contacts and calendar data with many corporate software collections.

Screen size and resolution: Along with tablet design, screen shape, size and resolution also vary. While regular computer monitors have mostly conformed to 16:9 aspect ratios, the tablet PCs ratio of width to height varies widely. Screen size (measured diagonally) ranges from 7 inches to 12 inches, with resolutions 800x480 to 1280x800 pixels.

Storage space: Almost all available tablets have a certain amount of onboard storage, with anywhere from 8 GB to 250 GB, but the 16GB to 64GB is the most commonly used. Most tablets even work easily with cloud storage also, hence, requires less onboard storage.

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