How to Fix Corrupted SD card and Recover data from it?

An SD card is not only used on various devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, Android phones, CCTV, DSLR, or drones to expand memory space. But it is also used to backup important files like photos, videos, documents, etc. Regardless of how important an SD card is to you, it is prone to corruption or damage. SD card corruption is an abnormal scenario under which you cannot access your SD card or the files saved on it. This happens commonly on all the SD card form factors like micro SD card, SDHC, SDXC, MMC card, etc. However, in some cases,

Can't delete Photos from SD card? | Solved  

SD card comes with various form factors based on its storage capacity like micro SD card, CF card, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc. Generally, devices like digital cameras, camcorders, SmartPhones, etc. uses an SD card to expand their memory space for storing hundreds of photos, videos, and other media files onto it. Moreover, most of the users have a habit of taking a backup of all the important photos or videos on the SD card. Considering the space constraint we frequently delete photos from SD card. No doubt, consistently storing photos on an SD card might lead to a lot

How to Recover Lost DIR files on SD card | Beginners guide 

lost DIR file Recovery

LOST.DIR is a folder created by Android Phone on the SD card to get back accidentally deleted files like photos, videos, etc. If you are a smartphone user, you would have already seen LOST.DIR folders located on your external SD card.  Lost.DIR folder basically helps you to recover files lost due to various reasons like application crash, improper ejection of the USB drive or SD card/ ejection of SD card during the reading/ writing process, Android abruptly frozen or shut down unexpectedly, interruptions while downloading files on SD card, etc.  Some users might delete Lost.DIR folder thinking that it is

How to Fix Unreadable SD Card on PC or Phone?

SD cards are used in many digital devices like Android mobile phones, DSLRs, cameras, or camcorders to expand memory space. And it is used as a means to backup important data such as photos, videos, audio files, or text documents.  There are various scenarios under which your SD card can become unreadable to your Windows or phone. In such instances, you might feel anxious since you cannot access your photos or files saved on the unreadable SD card. In this article, find out how to recover and fix unreadable SD card using reliable methods. How to Recover Data from Unreadable

SD Card not Formatted | SD Card that Needs to be Formatted | Solved

Memory cards are not only used to expand the storage size of various devices like digital cameras, camcorders, or Android phones but they are also used to backup important data such as photos, videos, audio files, raw-images, documents, and many more. No matter how important the data on your SD card, it is prone to corruption or deletion. There are various instances under which you might lose your data from the SD card. One such scenario is memory card not formatted or SD card needs to be formatted error. If you are encountering memory card errors like the SD card

How to Sync Windows 10 with iPhones, iPod or Android

Whether it is a three-year old iPhone, iPod or any Android device, you can now Sync Windows 10 with all these mobile devices. It is obvious in this multi-device world, you are attached to your iPhone, iPad or any Android phones – you prefer your experience to go wherever you want. That is the reason why Microsoft has designed a special app using which you can easily sync any content between Windows 10 PC and your mobiles. Microsoft phone companion app lets you access the same playlist, pictures, videos, and documents on Windows 10 PC as well as on Apple

How to Root an Android Phone

True power of an Android device lies when you use its customization options completely. Most other mobile platforms are closed to third-party modification of system files. Amongst these, Android is open for all sorts of customization related activities through any of the third party apps. This can be achieved greatly by rooting your Android device. For any average or normal user rooting might sound like a scary and tedious process. First, let us see what is rooting: What is rooting? Rooting in other terms even referred as jailbreaking, is a process of unlocking the operating system, which lets you install

How to close background running Apps on an Android Phone?

I don’t want any app to be open in the background. I am trying to address my battery drain and performance issues since this is one of the issues that lead to such Android phone issues. How can I close the Android apps that are running in the background of my Android phone? Yes, it’s true! Apps running in background would lead to battery draining and other performance degradation issues on your Android phone. Actually in Android OS, once you launch an app, it will continue to run in the background, even after you’ve left it and moved on to

How to Fix Sync Error on Android?

Nowadays Android phones have evolved as the best and most popular smartphones worldwide. This is due to their user friendly and huge support to vast range of apps. You can even sync your Android to any of the mail clients. This would help you to access emails anywhere you go and hence keep in touch with the friends, family or colleagues. However, at times, when you try to sync the Android, you may encounter an error message stating: “Error Syncing Android OS/Phone”  Nevertheless, there is nothing to get worried, it can be fixed easily. In simple terms, the fix is

Android Phone's SD Card Won't Mount

Many Android phones now-a-days have cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, e-book readers and even the expandable applications. In order to store all these, Android phone might use your phone’s internal memory. However, as the number of apps increased the internal memory starts filling up quickly. This is why majority of these Android phones support expandable memories in the form of cards. You can make use of these cards as a removable storage device and connect whenever required and remove if not. These can be the SD cards that can store your files and apps. Hence, your Android phone’s SD card