How to boost Mac machine performance using Remo MORE for Mac

Remo MORE for Mac offers a handful of features essential for boosting Mac computer’s performance and speed. This feature rich software can be automated and can also be accessed through Remo MORE Cloud. Just click One Click Maintenance on Remo MORE Cloud the same will be initiated on your Mac.

A few features to name it are; Power Manager, Data Wipe, File Eraser, File Protector Memory Optimizer, Remove Duplicates, etc. These needful features not only boost Mac performance but also allow you to Manage and Optimize your Mac. No more slow or sluggish Mac computers, enhance your Mac computers with Remo MORE software with just a click of your Mouse.



Video Transcript

Hi there! Let me show you a quick demo on Remo MORE for Mac software.

When you launch Remo MORE software for the first time, a quick scan will be performed to find the issues on your Mac.

After the scan, the software displays a detailed report about your Mac.

Found Errors, Warnings and Information about your Mac will be displayed here.

If you wish to Manage or Optimize any specific Errors or Warnings just click on that specific item.

Click on "Do MORE" button to fix all the found issues in just one click!

The Errors are now fixed in no time!

Let us see how to fix Warnings.

Click on the displayed warning.

Here "System Memory" needs to be optimized. Click on Optimize button to free up System Memory.

The Warning is now cleared!

Click on any item under Info to check the details. You can even Manage or Optimize that specific item if required.

Click on "Cloud Control" to Sign up or login to Remo MORE Cloud.

Click on "Settings" to customize the default settings.

Here you can choose what items need to be cleared when you click on "Do MORE One Click Maintenance".

You could also schedule "Auto Maintenance" in settings.

Advanced users can use the individual applications listed under "M" "O" "R" "E".

Click on "M - Manage" to access these applications under "Manage".

Click on "O - Optimize" to access these applications under "Optimize".

Click on "R - Recover" to access these applications under "Recover".

Click on "E - Enhance" to access these applications under "Enhance".

"Do MORE" is the most powerful option which has the ability to fix almost all common Mac issues in just one click.

Thanks for watching!