MPEG Files | What is an MPEG file?

Written by John Harris, Updated on October 04, 2023

MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) with .mpeg or .mpg is a video file format that is popular for movies that are being distributed on the internet. It uses a specific kind of compression that makes streaming and downloading movies much quicker than other video formats.

The algorithms of MPEG standard compress the data into small bits that can easily be transmitted and decompressed over the internet and another mode of transmission.

Information About MPEG

A lot of users have a wrong thought that MPEG is one of the video file formats for high-quality videos. It’s not true. The real fact is MPEG is just a compression standard for packing multimedia elements like images, audio, text, etc. at the core level.

An MPEG video or audio file can be MPEG even if it doesn't have an MPEG, MPG, or MPE file extension.

Example: An MPEG2 video file can use an MPG2 file extension and audio compressed with MPEG-2 often uses MP2. For MPEG-4 videos you would see MP4 as file extension. These extensions point to MPEG but they do not use MPEG directly.

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How Does MPEG Compression Work?

MPEG achieves high compression rates by storing only the changes that occur from one frame to another (inter-frame compression) instead of storing every complete frame independently using a method called Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) for encoding video.

Few MPEG Standards

The MPEG standards are divided into various Parts, each covering specific aspects of the entire specification. Some standards have been updated through revisions and new editions Some of the early standards include MPEG-1, MPEG-2.

A few of the commonly found file format extensions that make use of MPEG standards in audio and video are:


MPG: it is one of the video file formats and the first kind to make use of MPEG compression in videos. The format uses the native and sole format that uses MPEG in standard videos.


MP2 or M2A: MPEG Audio layer II is an audio format that is widely used to transfer audio on the internet.

MP3: MPEG audio layer III is also an audio file format and is an advancement of mp2 audio format. The mp3 is so popular with the users for its 64 kb/s monoaural quality.

Other MPEG standards that can be found in media files with extensions .mp2, .mp3, .m1v, .m1a, .m2a, .mpa and .mpv.

Factors that Determine MPEG Standard

Audio: The sound in the file.

Video: The visuals or moving images.

Systematic Procedure: This is like a set of rules for how everything inside the file should be organized and processed.

Testing Methodology: A way to test and fix any mistakes or issues in the file as per the MPEG standard.

Referential Software: Software that translates the file to a format that people can understand, both for creating and playing the file.

How To Open an MPEG File?

You can Open a file with an MPEG extension on many different multi-media players:

WINDOWS: Films& TV, Windows Media Player, VLC.

MAC: QuickTime, iTunes, VLC.

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