MPEG files are media files with a loosy compression standard for both audio and video files. This standard was introduced to compress the videos of very high quality. This MPEG standard less amount of data loss while compressing high quality videos. Moreover this standard is easy to create, process and distribute videos so this standard is deployed at max for procuring high quality videos. The word MPEG is the acronym of Moving Pictures Expert Group.

The algorithms of MPEG standard compress the data into small bits that can easily be transmitted and decompressed over the internet and other mode of transmissions. The MPEG standard achieves its high compression rate by saving only the changes made while moving from one frame to another in preference to each frames of the file. Video information is encoded using a Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) technique. Until getting modification in the source file, the MPEG standard uses loosy compression method. However the diminishment of data is out of human sight.

A lot of users have a wrong thought that MPEG is one of the video file formats for high quality videos. It’s not true. The real fact is MPEG is just a compression standard for packing the multimedia elements like images, audio, text etc in the core level. The video file formats make use of this compression standard. There are many file formats that uses MPEG standard. They vary accordingly by their file extensions.


It is one of the video file formats and it is the first of its kind to make use of MPEG compression standard in videos. This format is the native and sole format that uses MPEG compression standards in videos.

MP2 or M2A:

MPEG Audio layer II is an audio format which is widely used to transfer audio in the internet.


MPEG audio layer III is also an audio file format is an advancement of mp2 audio format. The mp3 is so popular for the users for its 64 kb/s monoaural quality.

The above mentioned are the commonly found file format extensions that makes use of MPEG standard. On the whole the MPEG standard can be found in media files with extensions .mp2, .mp3, .m1v, .m1a, .m2a, .mpa and .mpv

Factors that determine MPEG standard:

For a multimedia file to be MPEG standardized five necessary elements are needed. They are as follows

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Systematic procedure – Kind of controller settings that keeps all the data for processing within the boundary
  • Testing methodology – The testing mechanism has to be embedded along with the media file deploying MPEG standard to find and fix on going sampling and other kind of errors
  • Referential Software – Software to encode and decode the MPEG media file and produce output in a user understandable format

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