Remo MORE: Manage, Optimize, Recover, Enhance

By George Norman, FindmySoft (Jan 8, 2014)

Just rolled out to the public by Remo Software, this tool puts more than 30 functions at your disposal, functions that will help you boost your device’s performance and will help you recover lost files. These 30 functions are grouped into four categories: Manage, Optimize, Recover, and Enhance – MORE.

Developer Remo Software just rolled out an interesting and feature rich tool called Remo MORE. This is a cloud-based tool that can do a lot: defragment drives, automatically shutdown your device, securely delete data, recover lost data, clean the Windows Registry, optimize the system’s memory, and more.

Remo MORE covers more than 30 useful functions, functions that are grouped in 4 categories:

  • Manage – defragment drives, view SMART info, scan and fix file system errors, automatically shutdown the PC, wipe data, compress and burn data, view system info.
  • Optimize – remove junk files, clean free space, clean/defrag/backup the Windows Registry, remove duplicates, optimize the memory.
  • Recover – recover lost files, repair corrupt and damaged files, backup and restore data.
  • Enhance – scan the PC for problems, boost startup speed, enhance internet speed.

Remo MORE comes with a very handy One Click Maintenance function. One click launches a scan that looks for junk files, Registry issues, internet issues, and more. One click then fixes all the problems uncovered by the scan. From the Settings menu you can choose what problems will be fixed. From the same Settings menu you can specify when to perform Automatic Maintenance.

As mentioned above, Remo MORE is a cloud-based application. From the Remo MORE Cloud Control Panel you can remotely monitor device performance and remotely clean devices.

Remo MORE is available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. You can use it on your PC, your PC, your Android, as well as your iPhone.

Right now, Remo MORE is offered for the great price of free. Remo CEO Omer Faiyaz explained that “down the we'll make it more feature-rich and charge something like $29 a month for up to some number of devices."

Additional information on Remo MORE is available here.

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