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2023 - 2024

Remo Software's flagship product Remo Duplicate Photos Remover crosses 6 Million downloads mark - Feb 23, 2024

Since its launch Remo Duplicate Photos Remover has been less like a software and more like a sidekick for millions of Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows users across the world. Constantly helping them getting rid of duplicates of their most cherished photos and insta-worthy snaps from their devices.

The All New Remo Recover For Mac 6.0 is Finally Here (More Refinements, More Features, and More Versatile - Sep 07, 2023

Remo Software's flagship product, Remo Recover For Mac, has just gotten a major upgrade. The tool interface is thoughtfully designed to be less distractive through a bold, simplistic design along with some of our advanced features to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to recovering data from Mac.

Remo Video Repair for Windows Receives Major Update, Adds HEVC Codec Support - Jun 13, 2023

Remo Software is thrilled to announce a major update to Remo Video Repair for Windows, with this significant release, Remo Video Repair for Windows now boasts dynamic AVC codec support, mirroring the functionality of its Mac counterpart. Additionally, users can now repair video files encoded with the highly efficient HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) codec, also known as H.265 video. This innovative codec has gained tremendous popularity among the latest cameras due to its remarkable ability to achieve 25% to 50% better data compression while maintaining the same exceptional video quality. This inclusion enables Remo Video Repair for Windows to deliver the same level of file repair excellence as its Mac counterpart, accommodating the latest advancements in video technology.

Remo Video Repair tool for Mac now fully supports HEVC Codec videos shot on all latest cameras including iPhones - May 04, 2023

Remo's Video Repair tool for Mac has now been fully upgraded to repair all major and minor issues related to HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) Codec videos. This comes in time when all the latest camera models such as GoPro Hero model starting for Hero 6 and all later versions, as well as Canon and Sony cameras and iPhones have started using HEVC Codec, due to better data compression without compromising the quality of the video.

Remo Recover For Mac is now fully compatible with the newest mac OS "Ventura" - January 12, 2023

Remo Software has announced that their flagship product Remo Recover Mac is now fully compatible with Ventura. Irrespective of how and why behind data loss, Remo Recover for Mac has been rigorously tried and tested under multiple data loss scenarios to recover deleted, lost, missing, inaccessible, even formatted files and folders as well as volumes from any Mac Machine running on Ventura.

Remo Recover 6.0 has just gotten a boost, The tool's intelligent scanners now supports recovery of NEF files from all latest Nikon cameras - January 02, 2023

Remo Software's star product Remo Recover For Windows has just got smarter. The tool is now ingrained with more powerful intelligent scanners to recover NEF files from all latest Nikon Camera's including Nikon Z Series Mirrorless Cameras, DSLR Cameras and Nikon Coolpix as well.

2016 - 2022

Remo Repair Word is Free NOW!

Remo software made Remo Repair Word tool for free. The decision of making it free was a token of gratitude to help people fix any corrupted Word document files related issues without having to spend any money.

Remo Software launched Remo Recover 6.0

Data Recovery has evolved, and so have the data loss scenarios. In response to rising data loss concerns, Remo Software, a leader in the data recovery industry, has released the latest version of the most popular and recognized product, Remo Recover Windows 6.0.

Remo Software Offers Tech Help for Free

Remo Software is now offering free technical help for those who struggle with day-to-day tech problems with their PCs, Mac, Smart or IoT Devices. You can just submit a request and get timely help from trained technicians and its totally free.

Remo MORE to make its parental control solution highly reliable & secure

Remo Software announces its flagship product for home device management and parental control - Remo MORE - is now completely deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, increasing the availability, scalability & security of this advanced solution.

2014 - 2015

Remo Software selects Mobile World Congress 2015 as launch pad for Remo MORE 2.0

Remo MORE is now a complete mobile device management application, with Internet of Things (IoT) focus for Home Users helping protect family members, their devices and their belongings.

A Closer Look at Today’s Smart Home

This week’s Smart Living roundup features SiliconANGLE’s visit to a smart home, a reinvented doorbell, a smart home for heroes, and an upgraded device management suite.

Cloud-based management allows parental control of multiple devices

If you have several different devices in the family you may also end up using multiple products to protect them. That is unless you use the latest version of Remo Software's MORE which offers cloud-based management across multiple platforms.

Centraal onderhoud voor pc en tablet

*Translated Lines* Advanced users (with the time) might prefer the manual way, but for others it can be a tool like Remo More be of help. Because it is user friendly and time saving. Even more, it allows you to clean up devices via the Internet.

Highlights of Macworld/iWorld 2014

You plan and you plan, and then it’s over in a flash. Macworld/iWorld 2014 is now just a fading memory. This was my second year attending the Mecca for Mac enthusiasts. There were a lot less iPhone/iPad cases (though there were some) and a lot more unique and inventive products on display, especially apps.

Expo Notes: Corporate IT tools sneak into the home

Remo Software at Macworld/iWorld are seeking to bring corporate-level IT technologies into the home. Remo Software introduced Remo MORE, it's a software tool that installs on Macs and Windows PCs, as well as on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Once installed, you can remotely manage those devices in all sorts of interesting/devious ways.

Ambitious Indian startups begin planning for next year’s Mobile World Congress

Barely a week has passed since the world’s largest mobile industry gathering, the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – and ambitious startups are already planning on how to improve their MWC experience for next year.

REMO SOFTWARE offers AVAST'S antivirus protection software for free

The India-based software utility company Remo Software declared that it has inked a partnership deal with AVAST, a veteran of the cybersecurity market, to provide free antivirus protection to its Windows customers.

Remo ups ante on home device management with Avast integration

The explosion of smartphones and tablets sweeping through the enterprise mirrors the growing number of connected devices in the average household, where the same problems facing CIOs today are beginning to crop up, albeit on a smaller scale. In a world of multiple platforms, ensuring consistent data access and privacy is more difficult than ever.

Remo Software Announces Partnership with AVAST Software

Remo Software has announced that it will be giving users of its Remo MORE software access to AVAST's antivirus protection for free to enhance the company's device management software.

Remo Software Users Get AVAST, the World's Most Trusted Antivirus Protection, Automatically at No Charge

Remo Software Partners with AVAST Software to Bundle Industry-Leading Antivirus Protection with Remo MORE - Device Management Suite.

John speaks with Omer Faiyaz for the Money Radio


Mobile Device Management Lets You Track Your Teens

It's becoming more common for companies to deploy mobile device management to track smartphone and tablet use as part of a BYOD policy. However, now MDM software Remo MORE is coming home to help parents keep tabs on their teens -- and possibly each other.

Mobile Device Management – A Big Concern for Small Businesses

Thanks to the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend (employees using personal mobile phones and tablets to conduct business), over the past few years, many large companies have created policies to govern personal device use and developed a support infrastructure to address related hardware and software issues.

Essential free software for a new PC or MAC

Everyone knows the really obvious stuff that you install when you get a new computer: Adobe Reader, Office, Firefox, Chrome and so on. But there's lots of other lessknown software that will enhance your experience, that too for free, explains ET.

Remo MORE: Manage, Optimize, Recover, Enhance

Just rolled out to the public by Remo Software, this tool puts more than 30 functions at your disposal, functions that will help you boost your device’s performance and will help you recover lost files. These 30 functions are grouped into four categories: Manage, Optimize, Recover, and Enhance – MORE.

CES: Gadget Fiesta of e-ink, Android Devices, Eyeglasses, Gun Safes

Journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show, going on this week in Las Vegas, have some special privileges. Not only do they get to the front of some lines, but they get to preview some gadgets in special closed-door events.

Remo More Manages Multiple Devices on One Screen

You have a lot of devices. When you add up your family's computers, tablets and smartphones, even simple tasks such as managing each device's battery life can become daunting. That's why we liked Remo More, a new cross-platform device-management solution debuting at CES 2014 in Las Vegas and available to download for free from

Remo More Offers Free Device Management, Optimization Across Platforms

Remo Software has introduced More, a free cloud-based app that addresses the growing number of devices in consumers' lives. The More app allows users to control and optimize multiple devices, regardless of operating system or form factor—your iPhone, PC, Android-running tablet, you get it—from a single source.

Remo Software Unveils Remo MORE, Cloud-Based Performance App for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Removable Media Devices

Remo Software, a developer of multiple platform system utilities that manage, optimize, recover and enhance data, will today formally launch Remo MORE at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. MORE is a cloud-based performance app that gives users centralized control over each of their connected devices from any device across all platforms.

2011 - 2013

Remo Repair MOV for Mac Now Repairs Corrupt GoPro Camera Videos

Remo Software, a company that provides data recovery, file repair and data management apps, now provides a tool to repair corrupt GoPro videos. Remo Software's award-winning tool; Remo Repair MOV (Mac) is the only video repair software for completely fixing corrupt GoPro camera videos on a Mac machine. Its advanced repair mechanism makes it a perfect tool for repairing MP4 videos generated by GoPro cameras, which have become corrupt.

Remo Repair MOV delights GoPro camera users with its ability to fix damaged GoPro videos

Remo Software, the most-trusted software developer company, now adds more punch to its offerings. As its bestselling and award-winning software, Remo Repair MOV is now a tool to repair corrupt GoPro MP4 videos. Its advanced repair mechanism is well-suited for mending high-definition MP4 videos generated by GoPro cameras.

Remo Software launches an Advanced PSD Repair Tool

Remo Software, which has launched several repair and recovery tools previously, has now launched a new tool called Remo Repair PSD. This software tool is focused towards users who use Adobe Photoshop and may need to repair corrupt or damaged Photoshop files. It has several advanced scanning and retrieval methods built into it which makes it a very robust and powerful repair utility.

Remo Software Launches PSD Repair Tool for Mac

Remo Software, has launched a new repair tool to repair damaged PSD files. The Remo Repair PSD for Mac tool is for users who would like to repair corrupt Adobe Photoshop files. It has strong built-in engine to repair severely damaged PSD files on Mac and make them reusable again.

Remo Recover 4.0 just launched - Metro Style, Touch Enabled and supports Windows 8

Remo Software, which is known for its robust tools to Recover, Erase, Optimize and Manage data, has launched a new version of Remo Recover. The Remo Recover (Windows) 4.0 features a new metro style interface and is now Windows 8 compatible. The software is now available for purchase from its official website.

Remo Recover gets an upgrade -- now supports Adobe InDesign and more media files

Remo Software today announced the launch of an updated version of Remo Recover (Windows) — a highly rated and widely acclaimed recovery application. The new version comes equipped with an advanced intelligent scanner to recover graphics files like Adobe InDesign, video files such as Divx, Xvid, MTS and M2TS, SWF flash file, zip file and email personal storage archives of Microsoft Outlook PST and OST.

Remo Software Launches Remo Repair AVI -- Corrupt AVI File Repair Tool

Remo Software has announced the launch of Remo Repair AVI, a newly designed tool for repairing unplayable .avi, .xvid and .divx file formats. This launch comes as another major breakthrough for the company, which has established its credentials as a trusted and reliable software company.

Free data recovery software by Remo Software - Popular Remo Recover is now a Free Data Recovery Tool

Remo Software has announced the launch of Remo Recover for Android, a new application built to recover deleted files for smart phones running on Android. With this launch, the company has achieved another milestone, in its long and distinguished career as a utility management developer.

Remo Recover for Android: Remo's New Android Data Recovery Application Launched

Remo Software has announced the launch of Remo Recover for Android, a new application built to recover deleted files for smart phones running on Android. With this launch, the company has achieved another milestone, in its long and distinguished career as a utility management developer.

Announcement of Newly Released Remo Repair PowerPoint for Windows

Remo Software, a world-class software development company that specializes in PC optimization, Data Recovery applications for Windows and Macintosh platforms, today announced the release of another repair tool for fixing corrupt or damaged Microsoft PowerPoint files (ppt, pptx, pps). Remo Repair PowerPoint features advanced repair algorithms to restore data from corrupt or non-working PPT files.

Remo Software Announces Word Document Repair Tool for Windows

Remo Software, a leading software company who expertise in system software and PC utilities software today has announced the availability of Word documents repair utility for repairing corrupt / damaged DOC, DOCX documents created using Microsoft Word.

Remo Software releases Remo Repair AVI - A Tool to Repair Avi/Divx files

Remo Software, a leading software app provider for Windows and Macintosh OS has announced the launch of Remo Repair AVI, a new Mac application for repairing corrupt or damaged avi, xvid and divx file formats. With the launch of this innovative application, the company has introduced a robust solution for converting unusable Avi, Divx, Xvid files into usable ones.

Remo Software launches MOV, MP4 video repair tool for Mac

Remo Software, a leading software company who provides consumer software utilities today has announced the availability of its another file repair utility for repairing corrupt / damaged MOV, MP4 video files. The software is currently availabe for Mac and this version of the repair tool helps repairing unlimited number of corrupt / damaged files having any playable length. Remo Repair MOV provides support for all popular camcorders and has special repair algorithms for repairing MOV files created by HD hands free camcorders especially used by adventure sports enthusiasts. Some of the popular brands supported by the software are Nikon, Canon, Contour, GoPro, Samsung, Sanyo and many others.

Remo Software announces Zip Repair Tool for Windows

Remo Software the provider of innovative PC utilities, advanced file recovery software for Mac and deleted file recovery tool for Windows has announced the release of Remo Repair Zip v1.0, a zip files repair tool for repairing corrupt or damaged Zip files.

Remo Software announces Remo Recover (Mac) v3.0 supporting Mac OS X Lion

The Remo Software team today is pleased to announce a new version release of its extremely popular award winning Mac Data Recovery Software i.e. Remo Recover (Mac). Since the launch and success of its Windows version of data recovery software, the Mac development team of Remo Software started preparing the new compilation of Mac Data Recovery Software equally powerful as Remo Recover Windows. This new release provides the same data recovery capabilities for Mac users. Moreover, the latest released application now supports Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x).

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