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  • Awarded 5-star ratings and golden reviews from Tucows, Softonic, Macworld, etc.
  • Remo Recover is highly acknowledged and has 10 million downloads.
  • 100% users feel the tool along with the tech support are very user friendly.
  • Acclaimed and endorsed by tech websites like,, etc.
  • Remo Recover has an aggregate rating of 4.4 from hundreds of Google reviews.

What users have to say about Remo Recovers range of File recovery

Remo Recover 6.0 is designed to recover deleted, lost or missing files, photos, raw-images, videos, Microsoft Office files, etc. It can recover more than 500 different types of files.

Expert Review

The Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software can be used by anyone with any kind of file. It will restore document, spreadsheets, zip archives, photos, videos and many other kinds of files-even those with unique signatures.

Customer Review

Remo Recover Pro is a very powerful and robust data recovery software program. It features a bet in class method of recovering data from re-partitioned or re-formatted drives. The recovery engine is lightning fast, with the ability to recover over 300 file types. Damaged hard drives? Not a problem. Remo Recover Pro can recover data from bad sectors.

Written By Kostas Papadopoulos

Customers comments on supported storage devices

Remo Recover is equally effective on all the storage devices starting from your hard drive on Windows computer to external storage drives like external hard drive, USB drive, SSD, digital camera, memory card, and many more.

Expert Review

Remo Recover Pro is a versatile recovery option to restore files that are lost due to any reason. It not only recovers data from computer’s hard disk but also support recovery of external drives like memory card, flash drive, deleted files and folders, data from Windows Dynamic Disk Volume etc.

Customer Review

Remo Recover Photo is an easy to use application that ensures absolute recovery of lost or deleted photos, images, videos and graphics from all popular storage devices.

Written By Bruno Braga

Users opinions on technical superiority of the Remo Recover

Remo Recover is an advanced data recovery tool and thanks to its deep scan feature; which can easily recover data from formatted drives, corrupted disks, unrecognized storage partitions, or raw drives alike.

Expert Review

Remo Recover (Windows) solves all data recovery glitches for a Windows user. This software provides the fastest recovery of data from simple data loss situation like file deletion, emptied Windows recycle bin. Moreover, with similar proficiency it produces amazing results from complex data-loss situations like accidental re-installation of Windows, deleted files / partitions from RAID drives, re-formatted partitions or re-partitioned hard drives.

Customer Review

Regardless of how data was lost, Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software is able to recover it. It has proven worthy of recovering files that were lost because of partitioning, reformatting, hard drive crashes and even pressing delete and emptying the recycle bin.

Written By Don Weir

Is Remo Recover compatible with my computer?

Remo Recover Windows is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and its previous versions. The Mac version of the tool is updated and also supports the latest macOS Mojave, Big Sur, Catalina and it’s previous versions. This tool can also recover data from various file systems like exFAT, NTFS, FAT, HFS, and many more.

Expert Review

I committed a big mistake and last 2 year old data stored on Laptop. Guided by my uncle I came to Remo Recover Windows, within 1 hour I successfully recovered all my important data. This tool completely surprised me...Fantastic Product!!!

Customer Review

Lost information on Mac volume. This software helped me in recovering them back and making me a happy person.

Written By Walter McFarlane

What do users think about the Remo Recover Support team?

Remo Recover has a professionally trained tech-support team to solve its users queries 24/7. You can easily reach out to them to solve your doubts regarding the product or data recovery process at any time.

Customer Review

Remo Recover is a great tool with a good interface that allowed me to recover some much needed data after the operating system of a machine was overwritten by a new Windows install. I will admit that there are a LOT of data recovery tools out there that can do the same thing. I tried probably 15-20 different tools before I settled on this one. The aspect that made it the winner for me was the responsiveness of the support team and their ability to assist me in a timely manner.

Written By Scott Edwards

Customer Review

If you are looking for dependable file recovery software, Remo software is an excellent product. I have used the software for about 1 year and was completely satisfied. The software works as advertised and is backed by quick and helpful customer service team. Highly recommended.

Written By James McDaniel

What users feel can be improved in Remo Recover?

Offers free preview of recovered files like photos or videos. But you need to buy the licensed version of the Remo software to save the recovered data at any location of your choice.

This application really saved me tonight… I lost some photos when Aperture crashed after importing from a camera sd card. The demo of Remo recover found the deleted photos, but to save them I had to buy the full application, which I think is fair. It worked great and was really worth the money! -By User on MacUpdate

Although Remo Recover comes in 3 different editions namely Basic, Media, and Pro, edition you have selected to buy depends on the functionality. Hence almost every customer prefers to buy the pro edition for its premium benefits as if the other two versions barely exist for them.

My Memory card got corrupted and needed formatting. I had stored set of crucial files on it and even didn’t have backup of that data. I tried various recovery applications, some of them restore only 60% of data and some of them didn’t recover anything. Remo Recover Windows Pro saved my life by recovering entire essential stuff….Big Thumbs Up for Remo Recover Pro… -By User- Rapunzel hale on PC-Utility

As Remo Recover provides a 100% guarantee to recover all your important data, it processes refund only if the software fails to perform data recovery or if the technical support team cannot provide you a solution.

Recovering deleted files can be a time consuming task. You have to know where to look and once you fins them, you have to know to restore them. Remo Recover Pro can do it all quickly and easily. Let it work, so you don’t have to. -By Editor on Software Comparison

Even though Remo Recover is highly capable of recovering unlimited data without any restrictions, the time taken to recover data depends directly on the amount of data to be recovered.

"...The price, speed of search and breadth of files recovered with Remo Recover all make it a pretty good deal...searching for all the known formats in Remo Recover was faster than the same search in Recover My Files: It took 15 minutes instead of over an hour..." - Computer world


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How to use Remo Recover software?

select the drive from which you want to recover data

view the files that are being recovered

preview recovered files

locate files you want to restore

save recovered data

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