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Remo MORE recovers all your lost and deleted files with few simple clicks. Whether it is your Windows or Mac machines, Remo MORE instantly retrieves back all your files that can be of text, media or multi-media type with utmost ease.

By using the Remo MORE you can easily restore back contacts, SMS and call logs from backup (Available on Android & iOS).

  • Complete recovery of more than 200 types of files
  • Easily create image of any drive and restore it back
  • Create contact backup in generic VCF format
  • Easy contact restore for Android and iOS devices

Windows Data Recovery

Remo Recover (Windows) Software is a versatile tool designed not only to recover deleted and lost files but also to restore data from formatted / re-formatted partitions on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

The in-built Smart Scan feature in Remo Recover Windows software, makes it possible to recover data even in the most severe data loss circumstances. The software lets you recover files with unique signatures by making use of the Add / Edit File Type option.

  • Accidental deletion or loss of files
  • Accidental formatting of partition or repartitioning hard drive
  • Hard drive crash or software malfunction
  • File system corruption due to power surge
  • Master Boot Record Failure

Mac Data Recovery

Remo Recover Mac Software is an Universal Binary application that makes Mac data recovery easy on both Intel & PowerPC Mac machines and efficiently recovers files emptied from Trash or lost due to inaccessible Mac volumes

The extensive volume scanning engine helps in recovering files from Mac volumes that fail to mount or have been accidentally formatted. The software has the capability to recover data even after Disk Verify and Repair Tool fails to retrieve the lost data.

  • Accidentally emptying Trash
  • Catalog file is damaged or corrupted
  • Corruption of volume header
  • Corruption of Apple Partition Map
  • Volume failing to mount

Remo Recover for Android

Remo Recover for Android is a highly intuitive & extremely fast tool that can efficiently restore deleted / lost files from the phone's internal or external storage media. The application has advanced scanning algorithms that makes the complex recovery process very easy. It supports recovery of pictures, audio files, videos, documents & even APK (Application Package) files from Android smart phones.

  • Accidental deletion of files or memory card format.
  • Intentional deletion to boost phone's performance or to get rid of a virus infection.
  • Improper handling like sudden phone switch off or improper ejection from the system.
  • Abrupt removal of the memory card while transferring or accessing files.
  • Data lost due to accidentally resetting the phone to its original factory settings

Repair Outlook PST

Remo Email Recovery Software is both a repair and recovery tool that repairs corrupt PST and DBX files and recovers deleted or lost emails from Outlook & Outlook Express. Along with emails, it also recovers calendar items, contacts, tasks, notes etc.

Remo Email Recovery Tool is equipped with Smart Scan option that is helpful in recovering emails when the PST file is severely corrupted. The software generates a repaired PST file that can be easily imported back into Outlook

  • Corruption due to oversized PST
  • PST file corruption due to errors during compacting
  • PST file header corruption
  • PST file getting corrupted when used over network
  • Corruption during Outlook upgradation

Recover Outlook Express DBX

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) is especially designed to recover Outlook Express attributes like emails, calendar items, contacts & even personalized settings, by repairing the individual .dbx files like Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx, etc. The recovered files will be stored in .eml format that can be easily imported to any Outlook Express version by simple drag-n-drop operation.

It is a safe & non-destructive utility that maintains the header information of the recovered emails. It creates a new healthy copy of the DBX files & does not modify the original ones, which ensures that the files are not damaged any further.

  • Corruption due to oversized DBX files
  • Emails lost due to anti-virus scanning
  • Lost or corrupted emails due to improper compacting process
  • Header corruption due to a virus infection
  • Intentional or accidental deletion of important emails

Remo Repair Word

Remo Repair Word is the most efficient and user-friendly word document repairing software. This tool has easy-to-use wizard interface which helps to repair damaged and corrupted DOC and DOCX files within a quick span of time.

It is a customized tool that not only repairs but also recovers text, OLE objects and hyper links from corrupted DOC files. The most prominent feature of this software is that it keeps your original file intact by generating a new healthy Word file. This software is compatible with Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. By the help of demo version, you can preview repaired file conveniently.

  • It rectifies Word file header corruption
  • Corruption of Word document due to abruptly system shuts down
  • DOC files corruption due to interruption during transferring process
  • Word files getting corrupted due to macro viruses
  • Corruption due to system reboot

Remo Repair PowerPoint

Remo Repair PowerPoint is the best PPT presentation files repairing software that comes with powerful repair engine and intuitive user interface. This tool is specialized in repairing severely damaged and corrupted PPT, PPTX and PPS presentation files.

This is highly professional PowerPoint repairing software that repairs corrupted / damaged PPT files and while repairing creates a virtual structure of the file that helps in recovering text, sound effects, OLE objects and hyperlinks from a corrupted PPT file. Remo Repair PowerPoint is non-destructive and read-only software, that ensures safe repairing process without damaging the actual corrupt PPT files. Demo version of this tool offers you to preview repaired file in a systematic framework.

  • PPT files getting corrupted due to virus attack
  • Fragmented file recovery resulting in corrupt PPT file.
  • PPT file getting corrupt due to abruptly closing Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Corruption of PPT file header

Remo Repair Zip

Remo Repair Zip software is a proficient and competent tool to repair Zip files created using any zip archiving / compression tool. It efficiently repairs corrupt Zip (32-bit, 64-bit) and Zipx files under any circumstances. This tool safely repairs larger Zip files without damaging the file structure of the source file and allows extracting the valuable data from such corrupt Zip file.

Remo Repair Zip software is equipped with automated wizard based interface that helps to repair corrupt Zip files with CRC errors and header corruption. This application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Use the trial version of this software in order to measure its effectiveness by previewing the repaired Zip file.

  • Zip file getting corrupted while downloading / uploading / sent via email
  • Zip file header corruption
  • Corruption of the Zip file due to CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error
  • Zip file getting corrupt because of abnormal system shut down
  • Zip file getting corrupt when compression is in progress or when high level of compression method is chosen.

Remo Repair RAR

Remo Repair RAR is an exclusive RAR file repair tool. It has strong RAR repair algorithms that help to repair severely damaged / corrupted RAR files. This tool efficiently repairs all types of RAR files having file size of 4GB and above.

This RAR repair tool has an automated repair process that quickly fixes the corruption issue within a short span of time. This application is capable of repairing password protected and highly encrypted corrupted RAR files without breaking the password code and without damaging the file structure of the source file. You can download and evaluate the capability of the software by using the demo version where you will also get an advantage of previewing contents from the corrupt RAR file.

  • RAR file corruption due to interruption during downloading process
  • Corruption due to virus attack
  • RAR file corruption due to power surge at the time when file is in use.
  • RAR file corruption because of CRC error
  • Severe header corruption of RAR file

Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV is a unique utility for repairing corrupted or damaged MOV files. This Mac application has an automated repair process and provides intuitive user interface for repairing severely damaged MOV / MP4 files with ease. This software repairs audio and video streams separately and adjoins them in a synchronized way in order to create a playable video file.

Repair MOV software has an ability to repair those files which gets damaged due to faulty firmware problem of digital camcorder. It also repairs severely damaged and broken MOV and MP4 files that are not playable on QuickTime player. Therefore, this tool is the best option in order to repair or fix the issues which are responsible for MOV/ MP4 file corruption. In demo version of this software once the repair process is over, you can easily preview your corrupt video file.

  • MOV and MP4 files getting corrupted due to improper transfer
  • MOV and MP4 files getting corrupted due to abruptly system shut down
  • Corruption during converting MOV or MP4 file extension
  • Power surge at the time when MOV or MP4 file is in use
  • Severe header corruption of MOV or MP4 files

Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is a powerful utility to fix corrupted or damaged AVI files. The corrupted files pops-up an error message when they are tried to be played or the audio-video is not synchronized. It precisely separates the audio and video parts of the corrupted AVI file, repairs them & then creates a new file that is corruption free & ready to be played. It does not overwrite the original file.

In addition to AVI files, the tool is also capable to repair XVID and DIVX video formats. The demo version of the software enables the user to judge the tool's performance by previewing the recovered files. It supports AVI fixing on both Mac & Windows operating systems.

  • AVI files corrupted due to CODEC issues
  • Improper system shutdown while accessing the AVI files
  • Incomplete video file download
  • Improper compression using faulty software
  • Damage due to virus attack

Remo Repair PSD

Remo Repair PSD is the ultimate repair tool to fix PSD files which are corrupted or damaged due to some reasons. This tool is built with advanced algorithms that scans the broken or corrupt Photoshop files and fixes it efficiently.

It is an easy to navigate user-friendly utility, which is packed with attractive features. This tool easily fixes PSD and PDD files generated by all version of Adobe Photoshop and works with latest versions of Windows and Mac OS. User can get back color depth, pixels, dimension and the palette of the image.

  • Adobe Photoshop files corrupted due to virus intrusion
  • Abrupt PC shutdown when Photoshop files are in use
  • Sudden power failure during editing or modifying the images
  • Adobe Photoshop application malfunctioning
  • Repeated round tripping


Remo MORE App is the most efficient and easy to use app that helps user to enhance the performance of smart devices. Remo MORE provides 1-Click Maintenance feature that keep your devices fit everyday.

Remo MORE Automatic Maintenance take care of your smart devices while you sit back and relax. Just one time settings and schedule option will run device performance tasks regularly. You can also schedule 1-Click Maintenance as per your needs so that you don't have to worry, Remo MORE will take care of your devices.

  • One click to clean & fix device issues
  • Enhance internet speed for better browsing
  • Increase device start-up speed
  • Provides time to time recommendations & alerts

File Eraser

Remo File Eraser is a file eraser tool that can erase private and confidential files securely and permanently. The software is also capable of wiping unused disk space and getting rid of deleted data

Remo File Eraser makes use of nine different shredding patterns for erasing data. The internal scheduler helps to schedule shredding tasks even at any specified time or event. The simple drag and drop feature makes shredding files an easy task

  • Erase confidential or important files permanently
  • Disposing or selling the computer
  • Wipe unused disk space
  • Shred data from used laptops / PC before assigning to new employees
  • Delete data permanently before upgradation

Drive Wipe

Remo Drive Wipe tool uses powerful & effective shredding techniques to overwrite the data that you don't want anyone to read or copy. By making use of its nine data shredding methods, the tool replaces the file data with garbage values. As the files that are deleted using Shift+Delete key combination or even by formatting the hard drive, are not permanently removed, so a utility like Remo Drive Wipe will be of great use.

This tool can be used to wipe data on internal or external hard drive, USB drives, memory cards, etc. The patterns used by the utility are approved by government & various defense organizations. Therefore, it provides permanent destruction of sensitive data that is nearly impossible to restore.

  • Permanently remove confidential data
  • Overwrite personal files before selling or disposing off the PC or any other drive
  • Offers nine data sanitization techniques to choose from
  • Works perfectly on all latest versions of Windows OS


Remo MORE is a powerful device and data management app that manages power usage and storage space efficiently. Remo MORE secures the privacy of confidential files and folders on your devices by password protecting them.

Robust Shredding algorithms of Remo MORE wipes selected files or entire drive completely forever. Remo MORE works exceptionally well in managing your system statics, eliminating file system errors and also help user to create custom power plans for your device for better battery power management.

  • Increase overall performance of your device
  • Monitor your device battery status and drive health
  • Offers complete backup of contacts from iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Safeguard your confidential files, documents, photos & videos

Outlook Backup

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool is a secure backup and migrate tool customized for Outlook. The Outlook backup software takes backup of all Outlook data and settings including pst files

The simple ONE CLICK smart backup option provides quick backup of Outlook data and the migrate option helps to migrate Outlook data from one version of Outlook to another or between Outlook on two different operating systems

  • Upgrading Outlook version
  • Upgrading Operating system
  • Re-installing Operating System
  • Frequent backup of Outlook data
  • Migration of complete Outlook data

Remo Convert OST to PST

Remo convert OST to PST is a highly advanced OST to PST conversion tool. This professionally designed OST to PST converter is capable of converting any corrupt or damaged OST file into a working and healthy PST file. OST to PST converter is an extremely proficient tool to convert any inaccessible OST file into ready for use PST file.

Simple to install and use options provide efficient conversion of corrupted OST file into PST file within a quick span of time. This software not only repairs but also recovers and restores lost and deleted Outlook emails, folders, contacts, notes, journal, appointments, etc. the moment conversion process gets over. It is also capable of repairing password protected and highly encrypted OST files.

  • OST files getting corrupted due to power failure and improper shut down
  • Converting OST to PST in order to accommodate all the files within a specific size limit
  • Converting OST to PST when the file system of OST file gets corrupted
  • Corruption of OST files due to server failure
  • PST file corruption due to errors during compacting

Remo ZIP for Mac

Remo ZIP for Mac is the perfect solution to compress files and folders in a proficient and secure way. The software has powerful file compression algorithms that help user to compress files of larger size, which are needed to be sent over the internet.

Remo ZIP for Mac is a safe and easy to use tool and it effectively compresses any number of files without losing any information. It supports Standard, AES Encryption 128-Bit, 192-Bit and 256-Bit encryption and secures your ZIP file with password protection. In short, the software compresses files to help reduce the storage space; help perform easy file transfer by minimizing transfer time and also help reduce the risk of corruption.

  • Create compressed files of more than 4 GB
  • Easily update the existing .zip,.zipx and .rzip files
  • Provides 10 different levels of compression
  • Supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and above

Remo Driver Discover

Remo Driver Discover is a one-stop solution for all device driver issues. In a single click, Remo Driver Discover software scan and check for outdated, missing and non-working drivers in your PC and laptop and update them in an easy and fast way.

Remo Driver Discover increases PC performance by updating old and non-operational drivers. The tool provides "Backup and Restore Drivers" option to take backup of the drivers present on you system and restore them whenever you want. You can also schedule the scan and update operation to an exact time by using the "Schedule Feature".

  • "Driver Not Found Error" caused due to registry file corruption
  • Outdated device driver problems
  • Device manager error codes like error code 1, error code 10 and 32
  • Device driver damage due to virus or malware attacks
  • Device driver issues after system format / re-format


Remo MORE preserves online and offline privacy by wiping all your program and browser junk data like browser history, cookies, temp files, cache etc. Remo MORE app remove the duplicates and wipe free space holding traces of deleted files and folders; thus optimizing device memory.

Remo MORE boosts the device performance and stability by identifying and fixing the unwanted registry entries and by defragging the registry. Instantly cleans up the free space, erases all unnecessary back ground apps and offers more space for active applications.

  • Easily cleans up junk messages, photos and videos present on your Whatsapp
  • Enhances system stability and speed with registry cleaner
  • Removes duplicate files & folders to eliminates device clutter
  • Wipe free disk space to remove traces of deleted files

Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag is an ideal application that can be used to defragment your system. It efficiently locates all parts of the fragmented files & save them in a continuous memory location, which makes your system run more smoothly. The defragment process can be done manually or it can be scheduled too. The utility has two defragmenting modes - "Quick Defragmentation Mode" & "Deep Defragmentation Mode" which can be used according to the requirements.

The software can speed up your system up to 100% & improves the performance. As a result of which, the system will boot faster and the applications will load more quickly. It also helps in increasing the age of the read / write header by reducing its workload.

  • Boost the system's performance
  • Makes the applications to load faster
  • Perform regular defragmentation by scheduling the process
  • Defrag selected file types that are more likely to get fragmented

Remo Repair Registry

Remo Repair Registry is skillful software that helps user to repair, clean, defrag and backup registry files on Windows computer. This software easily fixes out all the Windows registry errors and cleans all the unwanted / invalid registry entries in order to increase the performance of your PC and makes it more stable as never before.

The software is equipped with advanced algorithms, which help boost system speed to a very good level. It also provides you an option to backup registry, so that it can be restored back at times of catastrophic conditions. The software makes PC more stable with no application hangs and freeze ups.

  • Easily fixes registry errors caused due to abrupt system shutdown
  • Errors due to invalid and empty registry entries which refer to programs
  • Registry damage caused due to viruses or malwares
  • Fragmented entries that makes registry bulky

Remo Privacy Cleaner

Remo Privacy Cleaner is a simple and advanced tool for Windows, Mac and Android OS for permanently deleting the traces of system's run history, browser history, cookies, download history, cache data, passwords, recent files and temp files etc.

Remo Privacy Cleaner also comes handy to clean free disk space available in hard disk so that deleted files and folders can be deleted permanently. In addition, it protects your system privacy by cleaning system activities and eventually increases system's performance in a single click.

  • Cleans garbage data from computer
  • Wipes out free space on PC & Android
  • Increases system performance
  • Protects your system privacy
"...The price, speed of search and breadth of files recovered with Remo Recover all make it a pretty good deal...searching for all the known formats in Remo Recover was faster than the same search in Recover My Files: It took 15 minutes instead of over an hour..."
- ComputerWorld Review
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