Written by Molly Owen, Updated on October 11, 2023

Subrip is a file format that is used to create, store, and display Subtitles or captions during a video. Commonly known as SRT, It is a text-based format that takes a caption or subtitles and displays it as and when the timing data instructs it to do so.

This SubRip Program uses semi-automatic text-recognizing technology (also called OCR) that parses the subtitles into text files. This parsing has to be done because the DVD subtitles will be stored in picture format and not in text format. Hence, they need to be recognized as characters before they are stored in text format.

SubRip includes a timing feature that ensures that all the subtitles are placed at the correct points within the film and allows for ideal synchronization. It is mainly designed for the Windows Operating System and is widely used within the subtitle/movie industry. SubRip is the primary subtitle file processor that helped popularize the SRT file format and is compatible with most media players.

Need for SubRip

As these subtitles are stored as images on the DVD-Video discs, they would occupy a lot of precious space when you simply copy them as images onto our HDDs or packed with DivX clips. This is problematic when people try to make average-quality 1CD DivX movies and want to have subtitles on the same CD. But, the more space the subtitles take, the less the space will be for videos and the worse the video quality will be.

Thus, SubRip tries to recognize the characters off from the images and stores them in plain text format, such as .srt subtitle format. However, SubRip doesn't actually recognize the characters, which you have to do for it. But, after first few translated sentences, the input required from you decreases dramatically.

Features of SubRip:

  • SubRip allows you to rip the DVD subtitles with their timing as a text file.
  • It allows you to translate the subtitles into other languages (if needed), or just use them as they are.
  • You can even rip the subtitles as a BMP and put them on an SVCD (for viewing on a stand-alone DVD player) or on a homemade DVD.
  • It saves the subtitles in its own text format that is supported by most of the DivX players, in BMP format that can be used with SuperVCDs, and a number of different formats as well.

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