ZIPX (.zipx) is a file extension for a compressed file that was first introduces by WinZip. A Zipx file is basically a zip file uses advanced compression and encryption methods to create or open a compressed archive. Due to these new compression methods introduced ZipX is now the smallest zip files up to date.

ZipX is an easy to use application that is specifically designed to offer users a simple solution to create and handle the archives, and even provides some additional features for encrypting files. With the release of WinZip 14 in May 2009, ZipX was made available as a default compression method for WinZip. It uses multiple compression algorithms to compress the files. However, these advanced compression methods are just the extensions to the original format, i.e. Zip file format.

Compression and Encryption Methods Available

Compression: The compression methods available in WinZip for ZipX are: BZip, LZMA, PPMd, XZ, Jpeg, and Wavpack. However, XZ uses LZMA2 compression and is only available for WinZip 18 or later versions. Also, user cannot select the Jpeg and WavPack options as WinZip applies them only to the appropriate file types that too when the Best method compression is selected.

Encryption: ZipX allows the user to encrypt any file using strong methods like PKZip encryption, password or digital certificate protection. It offers even some encryption algorithms such as AES, DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4. In addition, files can also be encoded in UUEnc format, which enables easy transfer of files over the Internet.

Key features of ZipX

  • Provides support for many popular archive formats including ZIP, ZIPX, ACE, 7Zip, ISO, ARC, JAR, TAR, ARJ, RAR, CAB, etc.
  • Unicode filenames support to allow proper handling of even the non-English text
  • Backup Audio CDs to ZIP archive and play tracks stored in the archive without extracting them
  • Easily sends the archive files to a remote server for storage using FTP
  • Provides a tool for encrypting the stand-alone files i.e. files even those that are not part of a ZIP archive using strong encryption methods

Benefits of ZipX

ZipX provides support to wide range of file formats and it enables the users to delete, rename and sort the files inside ZipX without extracting in addition to displaying the list of all the files that are included in an archive. The application can be successfully used for splitting and encrypting the archives, adding comments or converting ZIPs to SFX format.

Note: If due to any reason your Zip or Zipx file is been corrupt or damaged and if you want to know how to extract broken Zip files, then click on the provided link and learn the process.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure