AVI Files: Advantages and Disadvantages and How to Open One?

Audio/Video files hold certain importance in our lives. Whether personal or official their value cannot be degraded. We find it easier to have them stored and backed up after all these videos and audios are treasured memories. But how often do we think about its advantages and disadvantages? But before we start jotting down the pros and cons lets first get a better understanding of what is AVI files and how to open one?


So, what are AVI files? Continue reading this article to find out…..

AVI files were developed by Microsoft with the intention of storing audio data and video data in a single file. The abbreviate of AVI is Audio Video Interleave. It is a file extension that has the ability to store audio and video data together in a single file.

Now that you are aware of what an AVI file is let’s get to know how to open an AVI file?

One of the most common ways to open an AVI file is through Windows Media Player. All most every system has this and it is included in almost all the versions of Windows. Now, there are times when you find yourself unable to open an AVI file in Windows Media Player by some default. Don’t worry or panic! This happens, just open it in Google Drive or any other web-based storage service that you can find online and is reliable.

If none of these above-mentioned options are working for you then, you can always convert an AVI file. Sometimes, it’s better to make things easier for oneself. Just download a reliable free file converter and you will be easily able to convert your AVI file to an MP4, WMV, etc. or any other format. If you are still struggling and are unable to figure out the problem then you should know that there are ways to resolve not playing AVI file problem easily.

Now, that you know what is an AVI file and how to go about and open one. Let’s take one quick look towards the pros and cons….

Advantages of AVI Files:

1. To store DVD’s and Disk’s you can easily create them into AVI file format.

2. The AVI file format has a very good quality of audio fidelity

3. Advertisements, promos, short movies usually resort to AVI file formats because of its higher compression capacity.

4. It does not require a specific hardware device or software application for the file to run.

5. Since the availability of a lot of codecs, it is very easy to attain the required compression ratio of AVI format.

Disadvantages of AVI Files:

1. Compressing AVI files beyond a certain degree can result in bad quality or loss of quality of the video.

2. If you want to retrieve and play the file you will have to utilize the same codec you used then you will need the same codec to be installed on the system.

3. AVI files can be very large file formats if you do not compress them.

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