Difference between Offline Backup and Online Backup

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Backup can be defined as an extra copy of the data kept in some safer location, which can be used as a substitution when you lose your original data. A backup can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Online Backup
  • Offline Backup

Online Backup:

Online backup came into existence due to the more recent technological improvement in networks; it makes use of cloud-based storage systems for storing your backup. This type of backup does not involve the use of any storage media like a USB drive, memory card, external hard disk, etc. In the case of online backup, the data gets stored in the server which is connected to the internet, and what you basically need while performing an online backup is an active internet connection and a computer.

Offline Backup:

When talking about offline backup, aka Local Backup. It is the oldest and the traditional way of taking backup into a physical piece of hardware such as a DVD, external hard disk, pen drive, memory card, and many more. This backup process can be accomplished very easily and quickly. But, the data within these devices can be unsafe due to many reasons, and there is a threat for users to easily lose their data. However, the lost data can be easily recovered by means of a recovery tool by just plugging the device into the computer.

The major difference between both of these backup options is that the offline backup is cheaper than the online backup, and the online backup servers charge you more for storing the backups. Both the backup options have a reasonable number of advantages and disadvantages, and it also depends on the user’s convenience to use the backup options depending on the situation. However, data loss can occur sometimes as no one knows when disasters can happen, therefore if you lose your important data and want to recover the data then make use of well-known data recovery software called Remo Recover (Windows / Mac). It can easily restore back all your data in just a few minutes, even your backup copy is unavailable.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Offline Backup Data on Windows or Mac OS?

As mentioned earlier you can make use of Remo Recover which is a renowned data recovery software known to recover any type of data from any storage devices on all versions of Windows and Mac OS including the newest Windows 11, 10, and Mac Big Sur, and Catalina.

Data recovery is now a simple three-step process:

Select the Storage Device -> Start the Scanning process -> Preview and Save the recovered files onto any location.

You can now download the tool for free.

Useful Tips:

Back up your important data in multiple safer locations so that it does not get infected by the virus.

Install a good anti-virus program that can defend against these viruses in order to keep your data safer.

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