4 Steps to Recover Pen Drive on a Mac

USB flash drives are quite easily susceptible to permanent data loss. For example, an accidentally deleted file will not be sent to the Mac Trash folder and it will be permanently deleted. In addition, flash drives go through a lot of mishaps, such as improperly disconnecting USB drives without ejecting, accidentally formatting, and finally corruption of USB flash drives. which are really complicated data loss scenarios. It is also a bummer that most of the users are not accustomed to creating backups for USB drives using Time Machine backup applications. Which makes things even more complicated to recover the data

Recover Data from Corrupt, Lost or Deleted Partition

Corrupted partitions can be a great hurdle to access your data, run applications, or boot a computer. Because, when a partition is damaged, lost or corrupted, you can no longer access the drive also in some cases the partition will be marked as raw or sometimes the entire partition will not be displayed in This PC or My Computer. Usually, many users believe that fixing a damaged partition will recover the data existing on it but it is not true. Fixing a damaged or lost partition and recovering data from a partition is completely different. Fixing a damaged partition means

Manage your Storage Space like a Pro on Your Mobile

Nowadays any decent mobile devices contain 124 gigs of storage space and even most economic models are now coming with at least 64 gigs of storage. Cloud storage services are the best compliment for our storage requirements but the majority of the users still prefer storing. Unfortunately, even with all these facilities nowadays users are still running out of storage space. However, a few simple tweaks to your usage habits will make you a pro in managing storage space and avoid cluttering of unwanted forwards eating up your internal storage. How Do I Free Up Storage Space on a Mobile

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10 PC or Laptop (Windows 8.1, 8,7)

In this article, you are going to learn a highly effective method to recover deleted files from a Windows PC. Additionally, you will also get to know how is it actually possible to recover permanently deleted data from any computer. However, before proceeding any further, remember not to use the drive, especially the storage space where the deleted files used to exist. Where do Files go when Permanently Deleted on a Windows Computer? Surprisingly, files stay in the same location even after permanently deleting them. Nevertheless, these permanently deleted files will be marked as deleted by the operating system. Henceforth,

How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive?

What if your important files saved on the external hard drive are deleted or lost? External hard drives are portable storage devices that are connected to the computer to increase the storage limit. These external hard drives are capable of storing tons of files, photos, videos, and many more based on its storage capacity. No matter how carefully you use your external hard drive it can still be prone to data deletion or loss. For many users, an external hard drive is a means to backup or save important files due to its flexibility. If your important files are deleted

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files?

recover shift deleted files

Most of us tend to hold shift while deleting and end up permanently deleting the files. Unfortunately, even Windows doesn’t provide any options to recover the shift deleted files. However, in this article, you will find out an effortless method that ensures the recovery of Shift Deleted files.Since many of the users are unaware of what shift delete does to the files users tend to give up on recovering them. Fortunately, in this article, you can find a complete explanation of the technicality of shift deleting a file and how it is possible to recover the files lost in shift

What does Current Pending Sectors Count Mean and How to Fix Them?

Running benchmarking software once in a while is the best method to keep track of your computer performance. Composed with all the parameters such as load or unload cycle count, power cycle count temperature, you will be having a clear picture of your computer performance. Current pending sector count is one among those parameters and unfortunately, it signifies potential risk for your storage drive. If you encounter any error regarding current pending sectors or uncorrectable storage sector count you need to read this article. you can find the complete explanation about current pending sectors and how to fix them in

How to Recover iTunes backup File | Complete Guide

Apple’s iTunes allows iOS device users to sync with Mac and Windows system to create an iTunes backup file. This iTunes backup file can be utilized to recover deleted videos, photos, messages, and other documents from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod. However, the iTunes backup file acts as a fail-safe file when you lose, format, or delete data from your iOS devices. The content in the iTunes backup file is stored in a unique format that is only readable by the iOS core kernels. Any alterations to the iTunes file can cause severe damage to your data saved in

How To Recover Photoshop File- Deleted, Unsaved, Crashed Photoshop Files


Being sophisticated software, Photoshop allows you to edit pictures pixel by pixel and add a layer over layer which are saved in the form of large .psd files that take a lot of time to render. Dealing with Photoshop files can get quite tricky. As you keep working on large PSD files, due to human errors or software crashes knowing how to recover Photoshop file is very important. In this article you will learn the following ways to restore lost Photoshop file: Recover crash PSD files using the recent tab Restoring Adobe Photoshop file after a crash Restore Lost PSD

How to check hard drive health in Windows computer | 4 popular ways


Knowing how to check hard drive health will aid you in monitoring hard drive condition and take necessary actions to recover files on the hard drive if it is failing. If you wish to check the health of your damaged hard disk or crashed hard disk, it can be done as long as it is detected. A hard drive is the most integral part of storage system on the computer. All the computer information from Operating system to your personal files reside on hard drive. Hence it is extremely rewarding to know how to run diagnostics on your hard drive