Can't delete Photos from SD card? | Solved  

SD card comes with various form factors based on its storage capacity like micro SD card, CF card, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc. Generally, devices like digital cameras, camcorders, SmartPhones, etc. uses an SD card to expand their memory space for storing hundreds of photos, videos, and other media files onto it. Moreover, most of the users have a habit of taking a backup of all the important photos or videos on the SD card. Considering the space constraint we frequently delete photos from SD card. No doubt, consistently storing photos on an SD card might lead to a lot

How to Recover Lost DIR files on SD card | Beginners guide 

lost DIR file Recovery

LOST.DIR is a folder created by Android Phone on the SD card to get back accidentally deleted files like photos, videos, etc. If you are a smartphone user, you would have already seen LOST.DIR folders located on your external SD card.  Lost.DIR folder basically helps you to recover files lost due to various reasons like application crash, improper ejection of the USB drive or SD card/ ejection of SD card during the reading/ writing process, Android abruptly frozen or shut down unexpectedly, interruptions while downloading files on SD card, etc.  Some users might delete Lost.DIR folder thinking that it is

SD Card Not Mounting on Mac or Won’t Show up – A Complete Guide

SD card won’t mount on a Mac is one of the most unusual errors on Mac. Considering, SD cards are widely used on cameras, or as a portable storage drive, the data existing on SD cards are more personal and even crucial. Also, there are multiple user cases where this error was encountered and users have completely lost access to the data existing on SD card. Read along to fix SD card is not mounting on Mac and understand the possibility of regaining access to an unmountable SD card. Firstly, in this situation any of the following 3 devices can

How to Recover deleted files from SD card on Mac?

Remo SD card Recovery tool Mac

SD card is a non-volatile portable storage device which comes in multiple form factors. The ultimate purpose of an SD card is to store tons of files, pictures, videos, raw-images, audio files, etc. depending on its storage capacity. Regardless of SD card size or form factor, the files saved on the SD card can be deleted using your Mac or lost unintentionally due to various reasons. Undoubtedly, losing these pictures, videos and various important files from the SD card can leave you feeling helpless. No matter how you have deleted, lost or formatted files from an SD card on a

The Only Guide You Need to Find and Delete Duplicate Songs

In the process of collecting good music, we end up with a lot of duplicates. Not only are these duplicate audio files annoying while listening to music but also occupy a lot of space. However, it gets tedious to manually find duplicate songs one by one. Then how does one find and remove all the music files duplicate audio files on their computer or phone? This article which streamlines the entire process of finding duplicates in your music library or audio recordings and removing them. How Do I Find and Delete Duplicate Audio Files Instantly? If you are looking for

Smart Way to Recover Data from MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

If you ever encounter data loss on your MacBook, this article will provide you with complete information about how to recover data from any MacBook. Data loss is scary but it is also very common, millions of users encounter data loss every single day. Fortunately, recovering data from a MacBook is not risky at all. However, there are a few complicated data loss scenarios that might give you a hard time. For example, recovering data from a dead MacBook. This is why we have created this comprehensive article, that will guide you to recover data from a MacBook in every

How to Recover Deleted My Documents Folder? In Just 4 clicks

My Documents or Documents folder is a Microsoft Windows default folder that stores all your important documents and files associated with Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft program on your Windows 10, 7, etc. Any missing files or accidental deletion of files from My Documents folder will cause severe data loss scenarios since the Documents folder saves all your important files. It is always disheartening to lose or delete your important files in My Documents folder or accidentally deleting the Document folder itself. Here is a complete guide to recovering deleted My Documents folder or files using the backup method,

Learn to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive and Mac External Drives

The truth about Mac Hard Drive Recovery Macs are one of the most advanced computers that are available in the market, yet even the Mac hard drives are vulnerable to data loss like other drives. From gruesome and painstaking research, we have found out that there are three most probable scenarios for losing data on Mac: Accidentally deleted data on Mac hard drive Damaged or Corrupt Mac Hard drive / Mac External Hard Drive Unbootable Mac There are various methods to recover data from a Mac hard drive. For example, you can recover data from Mac hard drive using disk

Smart Way to Delete Duplicate Files on MAC

Do you ever feel that your Mac is running out of storage space and you are unable to figure out why is it happening? It might be due to duplicate files.Duplicate files have been a major concern for Apple users across various platforms from MacBooks to iMac’s. There also have been a lot of reports where a user opens the file finder and they end up finding 3 to 4 copies of the same file. So, why is your Mac duplicating files? The instant way to Find Duplicate Files on Mac Why is my Mac Duplicating Files? In the majority

4 Steps to Recover Pen Drive on a Mac

USB flash drives are quite easily susceptible to permanent data loss. For example, an accidentally deleted file will not be sent to the Mac Trash folder and it will be permanently deleted. In addition, flash drives go through a lot of mishaps, such as improperly disconnecting USB drives without ejecting, accidentally formatting, and finally corruption of USB flash drives. which are really complicated data loss scenarios. It is also a bummer that most of the users are not accustomed to creating backups for USB drives using Time Machine backup applications. Which makes things even more complicated to recover the data