SD Card is Blank or Has Unsupported File System – Resolved

Blank SD Card or Unsupported File System

“SD card is blank or has unsupported file system” – When you suddenly realize that your SD card is blank, it does not mean that your data is lost. If you are an SD card user, you might have come across this error message at some point, while trying to access your photos, videos, and other media files through your Smart Phone, Digital Camera or a tablet.Generally speaking, when Smart Phone, Camera, or a Tablet fails to read the SD card it may display SD card is blank error or your data is completely missing. It can also prompt us

Truth: Why Your PC is so slow after Windows 10 update? [Unknown Fact]

Windows updates are necessary, you get to experience the latest interface, better performance, and updated security. However, when it comes to real-time performance, everything is not as expected. Sometimes, instead of boosting the performance, the Windows update might make your PC sluggish. To be honest it is more frustrating to have a slow PC than a no PC. So, “why is your computer running slow after the update” you will find the explanation to that question in the following section. Do Windows Updates Slow Down computers? Intentionally Windows updates will never make your PC slow. However, some times, after updating,

How to fix SD Card says Full or Empty and Recover Files?

For most devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, and music players, an SD card is the primary storage component. You insert an SD card into your computer or any other device to access files or store files on it. There are two peculiar errors about SD cards being full or empty that are quite tricky. The information below briefly explains about the following errors and how to fix them without causing any harm to data on the SD card: SD card showing full but its empty SD card showing empty but its not Does your SD card show full, but

Fix Not a Valid Win32 Application Error [Solved]

If you are a regular user of Windows computer you might have come across the error “Not a valid win32 application” error. Accessing or using an application becomes impossible if you encounter this error. However, there are workarounds to overcome this error. After reading the information in this article you will be able to know. What are the reasons for win32 application error? How to Fix win32 application error? What is win32 Application? The win32 is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is required for your program to interact with the other software for the 32-bit version of the Windows

Recover Data from Corrupt, Lost or Deleted Partition

Corrupted partitions can be a great hurdle to access your data, run applications, or boot a computer. Because, when a partition is damaged, lost or corrupted, you can no longer access the drive also in some cases the partition will be marked as raw or sometimes the entire partition will not be displayed in This PC or My Computer. Usually, many users believe that fixing a damaged partition will recover the data existing on it but it is not true. Fixing a damaged or lost partition and recovering data from a partition is completely different. Fixing a damaged partition means

Know How to Reset MacBook Pro Without Losing Data

If you feel like your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air has deteriorated from its usual performance and speed, you can always choose to reset your MacBook. However, many users perform a full factory reset on Mac without any precautions or backups that lead to data loss. With this informational write-up, you will get to know the most efficient and safest way to reset iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Stick till the end to know how to reset MacBook Pro without losing data. Can I Reinstall macOS Without Losing Data? Yes, you can reinstall macOS on your MacBook Pro or

Recover Disappeared or Missing Desktop Files from Mac

Usually, files are saved on the desktop so that they can be quickly accessed. Sometimes these files can disappear from the desktop without the knowledge of the user. This article sheds light on the various ways to recover the disappeared files from Mac. Why do Files Disappear from Desktop on Mac? The files on the desktop could be hidden from the user The files might have been moved to the iCloud drive. Especially if the user has enabled desktop folders to be saved on iCloud Accidentally deleting the files from desktop or misplacing them Virus infections to the computer could

Your Outlook Handbook during Work from Home | COVID-19

From scheduling meetings to sending reports Microsoft Outlook is the center of professional communication and activity. While most of us relied on our IT support for solving most day to day problems in Outlook, the pandemic has taken away that luxury.  Times like these, it can be very useful to learn how to handle Outlook downtime and become self-reliant to export, setup, or transfer Outlook data. Also with a little tweaking and organizing, you can blaze through your Outlook work routine and boost your productivity. This blog post is designed to be a handbook for any Outlook user. Find answers

How to Fix Video Freezing?

When your favorite music video or your personal videos freeze while playing, it can get really frustrating. The interruption can ruin the experience of streaming or watching a movie. Even when you try to seek the video sequence forward, you would still encounter the video freezing again. If you are wondering how to fix video freezing while playing , follow the steps mentioned below in this article. Let us first understand why the videos keep pausing or freezing every few seconds on Windows,Mac, linux or various other operating systems. Why do videos freeze? Incompatible Codecs – Codec is a vital

How to Fix the Mac Boot Camp Error

Are you wondering how to fix the Mac Boot camp Error? As we all know, boot camp is Mac utility. This allows the Mac user to switch between Mac and Windows OS. This hassle-free Mac utility helps with the installation of the Windows on macOS. We have noticed Mac users complaining about an error that they have encountered during the installation of Windows using boot camp on their macOS. The error reads “An error occurred while partitioning the disk” or “An error occurred while copying the Windows installation files”. In this article, we will provide you insights on how to