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Solved – Computer Keeps Rebooting Continuously

You are almost done working on an important PowerPoint presentation. You add two more images to complete the project and before you could hit that save button, computer restarts. You are shocked. How can the system restart on its own when you were in the middle of something? You save the file, transfer it to a pen drive and before the copy process is complete, the system restarts again. It is frustrating, to say the least. Let us examine what causes these random restarts. (i) Hardware issues: When a hardware device stops responding, the system finds it difficult to recuperate

Fix Hard Drive Error Code 2000 0142

It is the computer’s productivity, which is responsible for you to carry out all the work smoothly. It is one of the great advantages, but if the computers or their hard drives fail, they seem to be nothing more than a stupid box! Experiencing a fault code like Hard Drive Failure: 2000 0142 indicates that there is something wrong with your computer hard drive. Well, this could be due to CPU failure, operating system crash, hard drive failure to pass a self-test, and many others. However, a hard disk error sounds like something that cannot be fixed, but it can give

Reasons Why SSD gets Corrupt Easily than HDDs

Even though both Solid State Drives, as well as Hard Disk Drives, can get damaged easily in terms of power failures, but in comparison, the SSDs are much more vulnerable for corruption when compared to traditional HDDs. This article explains why this happens! SSD has earned a lot of fame from both individuals and businesses due to their better performance. Yet, like the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), it’s still prone to corruption for various factors, such as power failures. It’s always suggested to take care of your drives, protecting it against suffering sudden power failures since it can cause

Approaches to Fix the Error 0xc0000005 in Windows

If you are dealing with the error code 0xc0000005 on Windows, you can check out the methods mentioned in this article in order to fix that error code. Well basically, you can get the error 0xc0000005 under three kinds of circumstances. One is ‘Access Violation Error’, then the next would be ‘The application unable to start’ and the last would be ‘Windows Installation Error’. Let’s discuss the above three types of situations one by one… #1. Access Violation Error This type of situation occurs when the program you try to run is attempting to reach a location that is not

How to Resolve macOS High Sierra Update Errors

If you are trying to find effective solutions to fix macOS High Sierra update stuck or failure error, you are at the right place. If you cannot download or install macOS 10.13 update on your Mac, or macOS 10.13 gets stuck, freezes or fails to install, don’t panic and just simply follow these instructions. macOS High Sierra 10.13 downloaded but won’t install! If you get stuck or fail to install the downloaded macOS 10.13, follow any one of the below tips to fix the issue: Open Launchpad > Delete “Install macOS Sierra” file with a question mark on it Reboot Mac and

Easy Solutions to Tackle Hard Drive Not Showing Up Issue Without Data Loss

Hard drive safety is essential as it holds lots of data. If anything wrong happens with the hard drive, then you will lose data stored on it. Sometimes, you might face issues with hard drive even though you took all necessary precautions to keep your drive safe. In those issues, the most annoying one is the drive is not shown up on the computer. At times, you might come across this issue, where your hard drive not recognized or shown up in the computer due to which you lose access to your hard drive as well as data on it.

Windows 10 Keeps Restarting or Continuously Reboots – Solved

“After upgrading to Windows 10, I tried to restart my computer, but it keeps rebooting. Even, I have turned off my PC by holding the Power button and restarted it. But, still, the problem exists. What can I do now?” Even, you are stuck in similar kind of situation where your Windows 10 keeps restarting.  No worries, this is the very common situation which has faced by many Windows 10 users after upgrading. Hence, here I will show you easy fixes which will help you to get rid of endless reboot loop. Note- Before trying out any of the below-mentioned

Fix – Windows 10 ‘Scanning and Repairing Drive’ Stuck

After Windows 10 update, you might sometimes encounter not so pleasant surprises. One among them is when your system gets stuck at “scanning and repairing drive” C: or D: screen when booting into the system. The scanning never seems to complete and just stops at a certain percentage. So if you try to restart the computer, then you get another “scanning and repairing drive” loop. Scanning and repairing drive on booting happens: If there are bad sectors on the drive You didn’t shut down the computer properly Incorrectly configured drivers Virus infection on the system So when the scanning and

Fix Second Monitor Not Detected on Windows 10

In order to increase the productivity of work, an extra monitor is added on Windows 10. Sometimes, even to get an immersive gaming experience, an extra display is added to Windows 10 system. However, many Windows 10 users have had issues with this and it has not quite worked the way it should. Users have reported an error message which states that their second monitor cannot be detected, although the monitor works and the video output which is connected is working fine. If you have also been through this problem, then don’t lose hope. This is not a very difficult

How to Fix Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) in Windows 10?

At times, when you plug the USB drive into your Windows 10 laptop or desktop, the computer may fail to recognize it. The USB drive will not be accessed by system and error message like, “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it” crops up. Off course, you will straightly head to Device Manager when a removable drive fails to get recognized by the computer. If so, in Device Manager you may notice that the USB is labeled as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). How to Fix Unknown USB Device