How to Recover Lost Files After Reinstalling macOS?

It is disheartening! to be one among them who lose data after reinstalling macOS. But don’t worry, you can easily recover deleted, lost or missing files after reinstalling or installing macOS. Have You Lost Data After Reinstalling Mac Operating System?   Utilize Remo Recover Mac software to recover lost photos, raw-images, videos, audio, text documents, etc. in simple steps. This utility not only recovers lost files after reinstalling macOS but also recover deleted files after formatting your device. When to Reinstall Mac Operating System? There are many situations under which Mac OS X needs to be reinstalled such as, damaged file

How to Recover Data From Unbootable Mac Computer? Expert Guide

An unbootable or non-booting Mac computer makes all your files inaccessible. The common reasons behind unbootable Mac are virus or malware infection, file system corruption, and operating system malfunction. If you have lost access to your data due to unbootable computer, continue reading this article to learn how to recover data from unbootable Mac using 3 different reliable methods. Method 1: Recover Data From Unbootable Mac Using Remo Mac Data Recovery Software: Utilize Remo Recover (Mac) software to securely recover data from unbootable Mac in a few steps. This Mac Data Recovery tool performs sector by sector scanning to recover

How to Recover Lost Photos on Mac After Update? 3 Easy Ways

If you are looking for a solution to recover missing or lost photos on Mac after the update, then you have landed on the right page. Although upgrades better computer performance and is inevitable, data loss may be one of the downsides.  The latest macOS Catalina comes with superior features compared to the previous macOS like Mojave, High Sierra, etc. If you have lost photos after upgrading your macOS from Mojave or High Sierra to Catalina, scroll down to recover lost photos on Mac after update. Find 3 different successful methods to recover lost photos on Mac after updating to

How To Recover Data From Mac SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a storage device that is more advanced than normal HDDs. Solid State Drives are known for faster response time and a quick send/receive process. Regardless of the advanced features of an SSD, it is always vulnerable to data loss due to corruption, accidental formatting, accidental deletion of files and even malware attack. Read this informative write-up till the end and know how to recover files from your Mac SSD. Can Deleted Files Be Recovered from Mac SSD? Yes, recovering data from a crashed, failed or formatted Mac SSD is possible only if the TRIM option

How to Recover Data From Mac Trash

Deleting helps you clear the clutter and make space for the new files. However, in many cases, users delete important files without noticing. For all those users who accidentally deleted important files and are looking to recover Mac trash, this article provides you with a perfect solution. Before proceeding, here are a few precautions. Stop using your computer until you recover data from Mac trash Do not install Mac Trash recovery software on the same drive where the deleted files used to exist Usually, you will encounter two scenarios when you are trying to recover files from Mac trash Recovering

Common issues (with simple solutions) in Mac OS Catalina

There are many known issues with Catalina that you may experience after the upgrade. But waiting for Apple to release an update with all bugs fixed may not be the best option. Compiled here are simple solutions you can do yourself to fix the most common issues with Catalina.You can directly click on links below to go to the solution to resolve the problems you are experiencing with Catalina. Common issues with Catalina & how to resolve them Unable to install Catalina update Mac turned slow after installing Catalina Storage space full Apps not working Finder crashing/becoming unresponsive Trouble connecting

How to Boot Mac in Target Disk Mode to Transfer Files?

Target disk mode, also known as TDM is a unique boot feature on a Mac computer. This Target mode allows you to transfer data from Mac to Mac with the help of FireWire or Thunderbolt cable at a much faster speed compared to the other data transferring techniques. Target disk mode makes target Mac (Mac computer with source data) similar to an external hard drive. As a result of which, target Mac can be formatted, logically partitioned and data can also be transferred with ease. When to use Target disk mode? Before we move on to learn how to boot

How To Recover Data from MacBook

macbook data recovery software

Remember when Apple issued a massive recall on MacBook Pros in the year 2018. Apple has clearly stated that there are issues that might result in data loss or drive failure on 13 inch MacBook pros. Which made it clear that even the infamous MacBooks are not resistant to data loss. Apart from the technical causality, there are many everyday scenarios such as accidental deletion or unmounted volume or unreadable storage drive which are also major reasons for data loss.   Fortunately, recovering data from a MacBook is quite simple with the right set of tools and information. Compiled with instructions

Mac OS Catalina | Set up and Install Guide

From a desert to an island, the Mac is all set to welcoming the brand new OS Catalina. With a number of new features like Sidecar, voice control, Music, Podcasts and Apple TV, it may be the best OS yet. But before you get started, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare your Mac for the new OS Catalina. Read through this blog to understand the important prep work before installing along with steps on how to install Catalina. Note: When you are upgrading from Mojave to Catalina or from High Sierra to Catalina, you may

DIY Methods to Repair APFS Disk

The APFS (Apple File System) is the most recent file system introduced by Apple. The file system was introduced with macOS High Sierra and continued for later versions of macOS such as Mojave and Catalina. The newer APFS is a lot more efficient in terms of using disk space compared to the previous HFS partitions. Even as the APFS is more efficient, the volume can undergo corruption and the data in the drive can become unavailable to the user to access. To understand the causes behind the damage and to know the ways to repair APFS disk adhere till the