How to make the External Hard drive compatible with Mac and Windows?

An external hard drive that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems can be extremely helpful to users who work on both the operating systems.  However, Windows was mainly optimized for NTFS (New Technology file system) format, on the other hand, APFS was created for the Mac OS.As we all know NTFS is not compatible with Mac and similarly APFS does not get along with Windows. Fortunately, you could create an external hard disk which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS with the help of this article. This does not require any third-party application or assistance of any

How to Repair Corrupt AVI File on Mac?

Stuttering, freezing or improper audio and video synchronization indicates that your AVI video file is corrupt. The most common reason as to why an AVI file gets corrupted is incomplete information caused by interruptions while playing or transferring the file. Read this write-up keenly to learn how to repair corrupt AVI files on Mac. When the AVI file gets corrupted, it fails to play and prompt various errors. Let’s look at some of the causes that lead to corrupted AVI files on Mac: Frequently changing the file format to temporarily fix the video leads to corruption and inaccessibility Interruptions while

Recover Data From un-mountable Drive on Mac

Volumes are the logical space in which data, system files, and other information is stored in macOS. While booting a Mac, all the local file systems in a volume are mounted on the operating system. In other words, a volume is mounted if the macOS is capable of reading and writing data on the disk. Hence mounting is the process in which the Mac operating system gathers information about the corresponding volume in order to gain access to the storage space in order to read and write information. Unfortunately, under some conditions, a volume or a drive may not get

Effective Way Recover HFS and HFS+ Partition.

HFS and HFS+ are one of the major file systems used in various Apple products like Mac computers, iPods etc. Even with the latest Mac file system called APFS, HFS+ is still widely used for its lower fragmentation and ease of compatibility. Data loss in these HFS partitions can happen due to accidental formatting, bad sectors, system crash or virus infections. HFS+ partition missing from the hard drive can be very unsettling, especially when you have important data in it. After following the complete set of instructions below you will be able to recover  HFS+ partition successfully, including all your

How to Recover NTFS Drive on Mac

Most Mac users operate NTFS drives as external drives rather than Mac internal drives. As always, external drives will be connected to various computers and frequently plugged in and out. Due to constant interchange between numerous computers, there are higher chances of data loss on them. For example, accidentally deleting or removing the NTFS drive without ejecting, or even damaged NTFS file system. Fortunately, this article has all the information you require to perform NTFS recovery on Mac. Please continue further to learn how to recover NTFS drive on a Mac computer. Caution: Once you have confirmed the data loss

How to Recover Corrupted Mac Hard Drive

While using your Mac, you might have noticed that the system might be crashing frequently, folders disappearing, computer slowing down, etc, these are indications that the hard drive might be corrupted. This corruption can be because of physical damage to the drive, virus infection, firmware corruption or disorganized data due to file system errors. Despite the corruption, you will be able to recover the corrupted Mac hard drive by performing a few troubleshooting steps. By adhering to the end of the article you will be able to understand how to recover corrupted Mac hard drive successfully. Here are 3 troubleshooting

How to Recover Data from Mac After Journal File Corruption?

A Journal file is an in-built program of HFS+ file system “also known as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” that maintains all the changes done on your system or disk even before the changes get saved on the drive. When journalizing is enabled on a disk, the journal file helps to restore the disk to its healthy state after facing sudden power failure, malware attack, etc. Journal file tracks changes that happen within the system which are not yet saved or complete. If the system or OS fails, Journal file helps in completing the incomplete or abruptly terminated task by taking

4 Ways to Troubleshoot Time Machine not Backing up

Time Machine is an application that helps the user to take a timely backup of the data from the computer on to a preferred location such as external hard drive, an extra partition on the internal disk, or time machine capsule. Occasionally you might find issues with Time Machine not backing up data or getting stuck at preparing backup. The causes might be due to Time Machine Backup error 109, fault in the backup drive or insufficient storage. No matter the reason why Time Machine not backing up, you can use this detailed guide to resolve Time Machine backup problems.

How to Recover Lost Files After Reinstalling macOS?

It is disheartening! to be one among them who lose data after reinstalling macOS. But don’t worry, you can easily recover deleted, lost or missing files after reinstalling or installing macOS. Have You Lost Data After Reinstalling Mac Operating System?   Utilize Remo Recover Mac software to recover lost photos, raw-images, videos, audio, text documents, etc. in simple steps. This utility not only recovers lost files after reinstalling macOS but also recover deleted files after formatting your device. When to Reinstall Mac Operating System? There are many situations under which Mac OS X needs to be reinstalled such as, damaged file

How to Recover Data From Unbootable Mac Computer? Expert Guide

An unbootable or non-booting Mac computer makes all your files inaccessible. The common reasons behind unbootable Mac are virus or malware infection, file system corruption, and operating system malfunction. If you have lost access to your data due to unbootable computer, continue reading this article to learn how to recover data from unbootable Mac using 3 different reliable methods. Method 1: Recover Data From Unbootable Mac Using Remo Mac Data Recovery Software: Utilize Remo Recover (Mac) software to securely recover data from unbootable Mac in a few steps. This Mac Data Recovery tool performs sector by sector scanning to recover