Will I Lose Data While Using Mac Recovery Mode

Usually, there are no chances of losing data while using Mac Recovery Mode. Mac Recovery Mode is the built-in recovery option offered with your Mac that provides various tools to fix issues. You can start your Mac, reinstall it or recover its certain software related issues or repair disks using macOS Recovery utilities. When you use Recovery Mode tools there is no chances of losing data unless you reinstalling Mac or using disk utility without backup. So, here is how to make use of this Recovery mode. #1: Launching Mac Recovery Mode To launch Mac Recovery Mode, reboot the Mac,

[SOLVED]: Unable to Open Trash on Mac

Trash folder on Mac plays an important role in restoring back your important files deleted accidentally. There are certain situations wherein your Trash folder refuses to open or you may not be able to empty the Trash folder. This situation even blocks you from accessing files that were deleted accidentally and hence you cannot restore back those files. There are various reasons wherein you will be unable to open trash on Mac or you cannot empty it. Get Remo Recover Mac software to restore back files lost after emptying Trash on Mac Here are some of the reasons and solutions

How to Repair Bad Sectors on Mac

What are bad sectors on a hard drive? Bad sectors are areas on the hard drive that are damaged. These sectors make your data inaccessible. if its not fixed at the earliest, your hard drive would fail. Hence, one should repair bad sectors on Mac as soon as you realize. These sectors are formed due to 2 reasons, one due to physical damage and secondly due to logical errors. As you can guess, physical damage is caused by dust accumulation or damage caused to the rotating movement of the hard disk. These damages are permanent and cannot be repaired. On

Best Backup Solutions for Mac in 2018

Your Mac would certainly have important documents, files, favourite videos and other data. Having a copy of them updated on another location will help you in cases of data disaster like Mac crash, formatting, OS re-installation etc. For most of us mac data backup solution is just time Machine! But, that’s not enough. There are many backup solutions that are much more efficient than Time Machine. Cloud storage, bootable clone and many more. Here are few of the best Backup solutions for Mac in 2018. Time Machine As we all know, this is one of the best backup solution for

How to Play AVI files on Mac? [Solved]

quicktime play

Playing AVI files is one of the biggest worries for a Mac user. None of the four major Indeo codecs that are required to decode AVI files have been integrated into QuickTime. Before we get down to know how to play these files, let’s get a quick look at Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format. Image Source: support.apple.com What is an AVI file? The full form of AVI is Audio Video Interleave. Like any video file format, AVI is a container format and hence it does not predefine the encoding process of the contents in the file. As an AVI file

4 ways to get back recently deleted files on Mac

We have all experienced that dreaded feeling when we delete some files that we didn’t mean to. Whether due to oversight, due to third party cleaning tools, files lost during cut and paste or whatever maybe the case, these things do happen in real life. If the files are very important, you may be looking for options to recover your files. In this guide, we’ll walk you through 4 simple methods to recover deleted files on your Mac. Solution 1: Trash can This is the of course the most obvious and first place most of us think of before looking

How to set defaults in Mac | Programs, Calendar, Browser, Mail app

set calendar app

It might be tricky sometimes to choose a program to open a specific file. For example if you like to play a video using VLC player but it always gets played in quick time player. Every time you want to open a file it is quite inconvenient to opt for a desired program other than the one set as default. This article is devised as a guide for the users to set default applications on Mac. How to set default Mac application for specified file types? Firstly, it is of utmost importance to first recognize the file types you would

Apple latest Mac OS Mojave and it’s features:

mac os mojave

In June Apple released a public beta version of its latest Mac OS called Mojave 10.14. This is a successor to macOS High Sierra. A developer beta version is available to Apple developer program members. The final version of Mojave is about to launch during September or October 2018. Image Source: Infinite Diaries Mac OS Mojave is compatible for following Mac devices:  MacBook (Early 2015 or newer)  MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer)  MacBook Air (Late 2012 or newer)  Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer)  iMac (Late 2012 or newer)  Mac Pro (Late 2013 or newer, or older models with

How to Format a Drive with APFS File System in Mac OS Sierra

APFS is a new file system developed for Mac OS High Sierra and later. It is designed with a primary focus on encryption and also to provide better performance. It is made compatible across all devices for Mac OS, iOS, watch OS and TV OS. Since APFS is developed for High Sierra and later, there are some drawbacks of using this file system with Sierra. Some of the drawbacks are discussed below. Cannot be used with Time Machine APFS file system cannot be used with Time Machine backup drives. The drives are required to be in the HFS+ format to

Fixed – An Error Occurred While Partitioning the Disk

Some users complain about a partitioning error they encounter when using Bootcamp on their Mac. The error reads ‘An error occurred while partitioning the disk’. In this article, we provide some insights on troubleshooting the error. Read on to learn more. For reference, Bootcamp is a utility that allows Mac users to install a Windows OS on their systems. Solution 1: Repair Disk An error with partitioning disk may sometimes arise if there are issues with directories or file systems. To resolve the issue, go ahead with the following steps. Before you begin, make sure you have a backup of