Issues with Large OST Files and How to Fix them

You might be wondering why your computer is limping to process a large OST file while it can smoothly run a 100 GB game at a full HD resolution. It is because a Large OST file or an oversized OST file might require a lot of bandwidth to sync with the server that holds your OST file. So, if you ever encounter any error related to an oversized OST file you find all the information on how to fix it in this article. Why are Large OST files are Such a Huge Problem? Firstly, an OST or Offline storage table

Your Outlook Handbook during Work from Home | COVID-19

From scheduling meetings to sending reports Microsoft Outlook is the center of professional communication and activity. While most of us relied on our IT support for solving most day to day problems in Outlook, the pandemic has taken away that luxury.  Times like these, it can be very useful to learn how to handle Outlook downtime and become self-reliant to export, setup, or transfer Outlook data. Also with a little tweaking and organizing, you can blaze through your Outlook work routine and boost your productivity. This blog post is designed to be a handbook for any Outlook user. Find answers

2 Most Followed Ways to Recover OST to PST

If you are here, it means you are searching for methods to restore the OST data from OST to PST. There are only 3 possible reasons why you would want to recover data from OST to PST. It might be because you want to create a backup of your OST data into a PST file, export Outlook to a new computer or you might be facing an error with your Outlook application or Outlook data file. In the first two cases there is no reason for panic but, if you are facing scenario 3 it is better you click on

Outlook Stuck in Verifying Data Integrity-Instant Fix

“Outlook stuck on verifying data” might be one of the unusual errors that you might encounter on your Outlook application. You might experience this either while closing the Outlook application or while launching based on the cause of the error. Since the error is due to various reasons there is no specific method to fix this error. However, you can fix it based on the scenario you have encountered. With minute detailing this article will guide you to fix when Outlook stuck on verifying data integrity, by helping you figure out the scenario. Why is Outlook Stuck in Verifying Data

How to Backup, Import and Export Outlook Tasks?

Summary: Be it taking a backup of Outlook tasks or exporting Outlook Tasks to Excel or another computer. This article has got it all covered. By the end of this article you will know how to backup, export and import Outlook Tasks all by yourself. Outlook Tasks: Before going into how to export Outlook Tasks lets try to understand what Outlook Task is and how does it function? Basically, a task is an item you create using the To Do feature in Outlook, helps you keep track of the task and get it done by setting reminders. Outlook Tasks or

How to Delete and Recreate OST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

The OST file is located on your computer’s hard drive and it acts as a local copy that saves changes made on Outlook in the absence of internet connectivity by enabling the cached exchange mode. Since the OST file is comprised of emails, settings, reminders, etc. it is important for the OST file to sync with the exchange server to reflect the changes you made offline.  Hence recovering emails from an OST file can be tricky if the OST file turns inaccessible. In this Write up you will learn how to delete and recreate outlook ost file and lastly recovering emails

How to Export Outlook Calendar?

Calendar is one of the most prominent features in Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook calendar you can set up meetings, organise appointments and events and many more things that can make your workplace communication better.Here in this article you will be learning how to export Outlook calendar to new computer or exporting calendar to excel sheet and last but not the least you will know the simplest way to move Outlook to new computer. Make sure you stick till the end of the article, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Table of contents Export Outlook Calendar to Excel Spreadsheet Export Outlook

Find the Location of OST file in Windows

location of OST file in windows

Generally, users have no reason to access the OST file unless you are trying to fix a corrupted OST file or trying to backup Outlook data. Either way, the most important aspect for you to remember before accessing OST files is, the information saved on the OST file can be easily damaged if you are not cautious. If you are unsure about the location of the OST file and hazards that are involved in accessing, this article will explain it. So scroll down and for a detailed explanation on the location of the OST file in Windows. Where to Find

Resolve Outlook is Using an Old Copy of your OST error

When you try to access the Outlook file you might come across an error message stating that the “Outlook is using an old copy of Outlook data file (.ost). Exit Outlook deleted the file, and restart Outlook. A new file will be automatically created the next time you initiate a send/receive” When this error occurs, you won’t be able to access the mails on Outlook. Luckily, there are ways to fix this error and access the Outlook data. By sticking till the end of the article, you will be able to resolve the issue and access the data. Recreate Outlook

How to Backup OST File in Outlook 2019 and Older versions?

Summary: Taking Outlook OST file backup need not require a complex process of converting OST to PST. With this article you can take backup of OST file with all Outlook attributes intact including the Outlook profile settings in just three clicks. Know how Remo’s Backup and Migrate Tool for Outlook can help you take OST backup in no time.Outlook is one of the most common ways to communicate when it comes to work emails or official notifications. Either you are working from home or hustling at the office, Microsoft Outlook also helps in organizing the norms of everyday work. OST