Solve - Fix “CHKDSK is Not Available for Raw Drives” Error | 2021

chkdsk is not available for raw drives

When your SD card, USB, or hard drive is not performing properly and showing errors, it could be showing signs of corruption. One reliable way to check and fix the corruption is to run the CHKDSK command. But if the CHKDSK is unable to check the drive and returns the error message “CHKDSK not available for raw drives”, what does it mean? To find out why you got this error message and to overcome this problem, continue reading the article. Why Does “CHKDSK not available for raw drives” Error Occur? In order to understand why this error occurred you need

4 Steps to Recover Deleted or Lost Files From Pen Drive on Mac

Summary: If you have lost data from a USB Flash drive due to accidental deletion, formatting, or virus attack, read the post to perform pen drive recovery on mac. There are a lot of possible reasons that can lead to the loss of files on your pen drive. To recover files from your USB on your Mac, you will need professional and reliable software for Mac USB recovery. Choose an all-in-one tool like Remo USB flash drive recovery software that can recover all the deleted data on your USB flash drive in just a few clicks, including your lost photos,

Recover Office files from USB Drive- Word, Excel, PPT and More

USB drives or pen drives have been developed to make sure that the life of their user is simplified to a great extent in storing various files. Though by nature, USB drives are handy and portable. However, they are vulnerable to many issues and problems that cause sensitive data loss. We often tend to save a lot of Office files like Excel files, Powerpoint presentations, and Word documents on the flash drive. Losing these files on the drive can be a nightmare especially when you no longer have the access to the original source. If you are looking for methods

How to Recover Files from Corrupt USB Drive?

Summary: If you have a corrupt USB drive with your precious data in it, it can be easily repaired using CMD and then you can recover files from corrupt USB with the help of Remo USB drive recovery software in no time. The tool can help you recover files from corrupt USB drive, flash drives, pen drives and even hard drives. Download and recover files from corrupted USB now. USB Flash drives are storage devices that are commonly known as Flash drives or Pen drives. They are well known for their portability and capability of storing large amounts of data.

Fix a RAW USB Drive and Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

Summary: Wondering whether it is possible to repair your RAW USB drive and recover data from a RAW USB drive? Don’t worry, this article will guide you to effortlessly restore data from USB drives and also provides you all the necessary information to fix your RAW USB drive yourself. If you are looking to quickly recover data from RAW USB drive, make use of Remo USB Recovery Software to get back your files. Download the tool for free now. Table of Contents:  Indications of RAW USB or Flash Drive Why do USB drives Turn RAW? How Can I Recover Files

How to Fix USB Flash Drive Issues Without Formatting?

I was getting a few errors while accessing my files on my Pendrive. Now I am stuck in the formatting process. Please tell me how I can fix a corrupted flash drive without formatting? How can I recover all my files? USB flash drives are the best means for data storage in comparison with internal hard drives. This portable storage device makes the data transfer process easy and trouble-free. So, computer users often save important files like pictures, videos, documents, etc. on USB drives or use them as a bridge for data transfer need. Ultimately, USB flash drives are considered

How to Fix USB Shows Empty but is Full?

USB flash drives are no doubt a great choice for data transfer and storage. Their lightweight, portability, and high storage capacity are some of the great features they provide. Despite these advantages, like all storage devices, USB drives or pen drives are prone to corruption, I/O errors in USB, and data loss at some point in time. This article has covered one such common error, USB shows empty but is full. When you encounter this USB full but empty on Windows or Mac, you may find that your pen drive is working properly but all the data saved on it

5 Effective methods to Fix I/O Error in USB Drives

“I have been facing an error which says “The request could not be performed because of an I/O error” whenever I am trying to access my USB drive, how do i fix the IO error on my USB drive. If you are unable to access your USB due to the IO error, this article is for you. Before moving ahead with fixing the error, let us understand more about the error. What is an I/O error? I/O device error is short for Input-Output Error and it occurs when the OS is not able to perform an input-output action when accessing

Solved - USB Devices not Working after Windows 10 Update

You were excited about the new Windows 10 update and wanted to upgrade from your Windows 7 system. After you installed Windows 10 Operating system, your system started experiencing problems. The USB ports which were functioning normally are now not working. You rebooted the system, but there was no difference. There are many users who experienced the same issue. In this article, we take a look at solutions to overcome USB devices not working problem and recover data from USB devices. Reinstall all USB controllers Press Windows key +X. Now select Device Manager from the list. If you are asked

Where is the Recycle Bin on USB and how to Recover Data?

Generally, many users have a practice of taking a backup of their data on a flash drive. You might have saved important files on your USB drive such as documents, photos, videos, Office files, audio files, and many more.  Due to various reasons, you might end up deleting files from your USB flash drive. If you ever wonder why the deleted files are not in Recycle Bin? or where do deleted files from USB drive go? Then this article is for you! Table of contents: Finding the Recycle Bin on a USB drive Deleted files from USB are not found