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Photoshop Shortcut Keys | Guide 2022

🕔 3 minutes read Are you one of those aspiring Photoshop users who wants to be pro at editing using Photoshop? Well, we can get that going for you. Learning the shortcut keys on Adobe Photoshop is the first step towards the journey of becoming a professional in PS. In this article you will learn all necessary Photoshop shortcuts keywords to use under various scenarios across all versions of Adobe Photoshop, including the latest Adobe Photoshop CC.

The 7 Best File Repair Tools for Windows 

🕔 6 minutes read

Worried about corrupt files on your system? Looking for the best file repair tool to help you fix these files effortlessly? Then this is the right place, in this article, we have introduced a wide range of file repair tools that will quickly help you fix a variety of files on both Windows and Mac.

Ways To Fix ZIP File Association On Windows 10

🕔 3 minutes read A zipped file indicates compressing large data and storing it in a folder to share it across the internet or to save it on the disk space efficiently. This technique enables users to save multiple files…

Solved-Word Could Not Create Work File | 2021

🕔 6 minutes read Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processor around the world. It is highly reliable and easy to use. However, in some situations, regardless of how reliable it is, you might still experience common errors.…

How Do I Remove Junk Characters from A Word Document

How Do I Remove Junk Characters from A Word Document?

🕔 3 minutes read It’s quite usual to see junk characters in Word documents. Unfortunately, on seeing garbage characters, most of the users assume that their Word document is damaged. But that might not be true for most cases. So,…

How to Show Formatting Marks in Word | 3 Solutions

🕔 3 minutes read Microsoft Word as we all know has been the most used Word processing application worldwide. Formatting marks in Word is a very useful feature for aligning your Word document into an organized structure. Microsoft Word comes…


Quick Ways to Split Zip Files | Completely Free

🕔 4 minutes read Sending large files across the internet has many hurdles due to a lack of support for large files. Zipping a file is a very good option that can help you compress and share the files across…


How To Make a ZIP Folder and Extract Files in Windows & Mac?

🕔 6 minutes read In this article, know how to create zip files like a pro and learn how to unzip the files when you need them. Here you’ll find multiple ways in which you can Zip and Unzip files and folders on Windows and Mac. We have recommended the best ways to archive your files both for Windows and macOS. You can also use our robust tools designed to extract multiple files and folders from Windows and Mac easily.

How to Open a RAR File? - For Absolute Beginners

🕔 5 minutes read WinRAR is the oldest and most reliable archiving application. It is also completely free and easy to use. However, regardless of how easy it is to use, still few users get confused about how to open…