Remo Recover Windows - License and Policies FAQs

Complete guide to answer your all questions on Remo Recover Windows. This write up has everything related to Remo Recover Windows from downloading and installing to how to use Remo Recover to get back your data without any hassle.

No, once the software is activated on one computer it will be limited to the same. The user cannot move the software to another computer. However, as per our licensing policy, user can activate the software on two computers using the same key. So, you can activate the Remo Recover software on another computer without worrying about moving it.

We do not provide one time-license key or temporary license key for recovery process. However, we do have the Remo Recover Free Edition which can allow the user to save 1GB of data for free. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can purchase a license key to save all the recovered files.

No, we do not store customer recovered files/data in our servers. The recover process is performed offline, so it will be saved only on the customer’s computer and not on Remo software’s servers.

In cases of wrong/duplicate purchases, you need to contact our support team for getting the refund.

Once the Remo Recover software is activated on a computer then you can use it infinitely. There is no limitation on the recoveries you can perform on the activated computer/s. However, if you have purchased the Remo Recover software based on subscription (let’s say for 1 month or 6 months), then you need to renew it once it gets expired to again perform the data recovery process.

A subscription-based customer can cancel the Remo Recover subscription at any time after the purchase. You just need to open the order confirmation email received from us when you purchased the Remo Recover software. And click on the Remo Recover order link in the email, it takes to the order details page. Now, click on the Cancel subscription. In case, if you want any assistance regarding cancellation, then contact the Remo Software support team.

Yes, as per our license policy a single user license key can allow the user to activate the software on two different computers..

Currently we have monthly and semi-annual subscription for Remo Recover Windows software. Customer's subscription for semi-annual will be expired after six months if the user has cancelled it. If not, then it will be active until the subscription is expired. However, for monthly subscription users, we don’t have auto-renewal.

During the purchase process, user must enter the valid VAT ID and click on Update button to update the VAT ID in the order to get the tax exemption. If the user has forgotten to enter the VAT ID or it's not updated, then tax will be charged on the purchase. But later, we cannot modify or change the VAT ID in the invoice. However, to get the refund on the VAT amount, you need to contact the Support panel.