Why the software failed to activate?

The activation fails due to these facts: typo error, using a license key of new version on an old version of the software, using the license key on wrong product.
Typo error – This is a common human error. We strongly recommend users to copy and paste the license key in order to avoid typo errors. The license keys are alpha numeric and case sensitive, so there is high chance for a user to mistype a character. Also, when the license key is copied and pasted make sure there no extra spaces after pasting the license key.
Using new license key for old version – This scenario happens when the new license key received after purchasing is used on an old version setup (outdated). To avoid this error, always download the software from Remo Software official website, as we always maintain our websites with the latest versions. In order to download the latest versions of Remo Software products, visit: www.remosoftware.com/download
Using license key on wrong product – This scenario happens when you purchase one product of Remo Software and trying to activate on the other product. To avoid this error, make sure the key is used on the right product which you have purchased.

Contact support if you still have questions or issues, visit: www.remosoftware.com/support

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