Disk Editor

Disk editor is an application program that allows users to create, modify and read raw data on drivers, such as hard disk, USB flash disks or removable media like floppy disk. In fact, these are sometimes called as sector editors, and read/write routines are built into the electronics of most disk drives needed to read/write in chunks of sectors. In addition, few disk editors may used to edit the contents of a running PC’s disk image or memory.

A disk editor allows access to the basic data structure, such as volume boot records, MBR, file system and directories. Even application developer can also use it to understand these structures and to examine whether their implementation works properly. In some instance, these structures are edited in order to give examples for teaching data recovery and forensics, or in try to hide data to attain confidential or hide data from casual examiners. However, changing such data structures gives only a weak level of protection and data encryption is the chosen method to achieve privacy.

Few disk editors comprises of special features which enable more comfortable ways to fix and edit file systems or other disk specific data structures. In addition, various include simple file browsers that can present the disk contents for incompletely corrupted file systems and these functions can be used for examples for file recovery.

A partition editor is a kind of tool developed to create, view, alter and delete disk partition on system storage device, such as hard disk, USB flash drive or other storage medium. A drive can be partitioned into a number of partitions, or have many combined into one. Partition editing application can be used to reduce a single partition size to make room for more or combine two to increase the space on one.

List of free Windows Disk Editor software

  • HxD
  • wxHex Editor
  • Roadkil’s Sector Editor
  • ICY Hexplorer
  • iBored

Linux Disk Editor Software

  • wxHex Editor
  • hexedit
  • shed
  • Linux disk editor
  • iBored

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