I recently got an error message on my Windows screen which stated-"The file or directory is corrupt". Will I be able to get through this error and recover my precious files using Remo Recover software?

Whenever you encounter such an error, you need not panic. You could always use Remo Recover software to recover your data.

However, you could try and repair the damaged file/folder using “chkdsk” operation on your Windows computer.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to repair your file/folder:

  • Click Start, further select Run
  • Type “chkdsk /f <drive>:” (without quotation marks), where <drive> is the letter of the drive on which the damaged file/folder exists
  • Click OK
  • Once the process completes, you would be able to access your files/folders as usual.

NOTE: If the hard disk is large, “Chkdsk” may take several minutes to several hours to complete.

If the corruption is huge “checkdsk” operation might fail to fix the error and we recommend using Remo Recover software to recover your data from the drive.

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