A list of partitions was found after scanning for lost partitions, how to select the right one?

During the scan for lost partitions the software scans the entire drive for partition entries. The reason for many partitions to be found is due to the number of entries made. It could be due to the number of times the hard drive was formatted, partitioned or duplicate entries made by the Operating system.

We recommend to choose a partition which matches the lost partition size and File System (FAT, NTFS, etc.). In case the recovered files found on the selected partition are not what you are looking for, click the back button to open the found partitions list. Select a different partition from the list.

While scanning the drive for lost partitions, we recommend to save the Recovery Session file from the Tools menu. Recovery session helps to resume the recovery process later and you need not rescan the drive again to find the previous/lost partitions.

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