Can I recover Unsaved or Deleted Contents from Text Document?

Yes you can recover unsaved or deleted contents from a Word document. However, the limitation is that it is only possible on Microsoft Office 2010 and above. Microsoft has added an additional feature called “Recover Unsaved Documents” in Office 2010 and above versions. To find the unsaved document, open Microsoft Word or Excel or PowerPoint 2010 or above click on “File > Info > Manage Versions” and select Recover Unsaved Documents or Workbooks or Presentations.

In case you were unable to find the unsaved files you can try Remo Recover Windows software to recover the unsaved files. Unsaved files have a different file extension “.asd” and can be found in the following location “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles”.

However, this is not an option for older versions of Microsoft Office, so it an impossible task.

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