Restore SSD to Peak Performance in a Few Minutes

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At some point, your SSD’s performance decreases due to excessive usage. SSD’s speed reduces to ¼ of the original speed. Thinking why did SSD performance decrease? When files get deleted from SSD, only its address pointer will be removed not actual data. When a number of unneeded blocks which contains deleted data increases, then SSD’s performances decreases.

In modern SSD’s there are features like a garbage collector and TRIM command, which finds unneeded blocks and removes them from your SSD. But, the problem is sometimes garbage collector won’t work as you expected and TRIM command is not a good option for some Windows OS, including Windows XP. Hence, you need to securely erase your SSD without forcing garbage collector.

How to Secularly Erase SSD to Restore it to Peak Performance?

Secure erase helps to restore your SSD to factory condition. Therefore, before erasing SSD securely, backup all the data stored on your SSD in any other drives. After secure erase, you can restore it back to your SSD drive.

Many manufacturers provide preinstalled Secure Erase feature in SSD drive. If in your SSD this feature is disabled, then make use of any third party software like Parted magic, AOMEI Partition Assistant, Kingston SSD Secure Erase, etc. Once you securely erase your SSD, format or reparation your SSD drive. To do so, use Windows Disk Management tool. Here are the steps to access Windows Disk Management tool.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select System and Security
  3. Then, choose Administrative Tools
  4. Click on Create and format hard disk partitions
  5. Next, select SSD drive and right click on it
  6. Select Format to setup file system and click on Create Partition option
  7. If you want to use as SSD single partition, then format it with NTFS file system

After completion, restore backed up data to your SSD. Now, SSD drive will run like a new one. There is no doubt that this Secure Erase feature restore the SSD to its peak performance (factory setting). If you have not taken SSD backup before performing factory resetting, then use Remo Hard Drive recovery software and restore data from SSD hard drive in few minutes.

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