My Device

Under My device section you can see the basic information related to your system such as brands, model, OS, memory storage. Click on “More Details” to find detailed information about your system.


Overview: If you click on overview tab you will find overall information of your system like processor, L2 cache size, memory, motherboard, monitor, video card, mode, mouse, keyboard etc.

Windows: Under this tab you will find info related to your system OS such as it's version, installation date, product ID, key and many more

Display: In this tab you will get details about your system display settings chipset, refresh rate, font resolution, color bits per pixel, color depth per pixel and screen resolution.

Memory: Memory tab will give you information about your system Memory Slot and Running Application details.

Performance: Under performance tab you will complete info about memory usage such as total memory, available memory and used memory. Here you can even view the size of total page files and available page files.

Drives: This tab will provide you a information about your system volume like its type, serial number, file system, complete space, used space, free space etc

I/O Devices: As the name suggests, in this tab you will get information related to input and output device connected to your system for example: keyboard, mouse, CD ROM, printer etc

Communication: Choose this tab to view adapter details such as type , manufacturer, MAC address, creation class, service name etc and etc.

System Devices: By clicking on this tab you can figure full on info about your system devices.