How to Fix "Unknown JPEG Format" Error?

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Are you unable to open your JPEG image due to an unknown format error? However, while this problem is fairly annoying, there are ways to fix it. In this article, we will explore the possible causes and learn how to solve the Unknown JPEG Format error.

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Okay, before we address this error or rather an issue, let us answer this question: What do we know about the JPEG file format?

Apart from the fact that JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”, most of us are ignorant about how and where a JPEG file is helpful to us. Well, let me sum up the answer in brief for you. The JPEG file format is used where having a reduced file size is a bigger priority compared to the quality of the picture. It is used for still images, for the shading effect (light and dark), for real-world images, etc. This file format is compatible across most of the platforms including the systems with Mac OS. It is also compatible with most of the web browsers and image editors.

Now, returning to the issue i.e. the error message “unknown JPEG format”.

If your JPEG file format is corrupted, then it is likely they will be inaccessible as well. For professional photographers or for people who make a living out of Photographs, this situation is no less than a nightmare.

Apparently, when a JPEG file gets corrupted for some reason, this error message is displayed. Even if you try to open the image with the help of a different explorer or an image viewer, you shall encounter the same error, again!

 How to fix the “unknown JPEG format” Error?

  • One of the simplified to solve this problem is to rename the corrupt JPEG file. In order to do this, right-click on the JPEG files and click on rename. (Cautionary: Change the name, but do not change the file extension.)
  •  Use an image editing tool and then change the file name. Again, retain the file extension.
  • Use a third-party repair tool to fix the corrupted JPEG file. This is a full-proof way of recovering corrupted JPEG files and making them accessible. Read more on how jpeg file recovery problem is resolved.
  • Use a different image viewer application to open the image.


Photographs are cherished digital possessions, and we trust that this article has provided valuable assistance in solving 'Unknown JPEG Format' errors when attempting to open their JPEG images.So that you can always preserve all your memorable images.

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