How to Remove Plugins from Safari

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Safari is one of the most widely used browsers for both Mac and Windows computers; however, it is extensively preferred by most of the Mac users as compared to Windows users. The features or capability of Safari browser can be enhanced by utilizing or adding plug-ins. These plug-ins are small modules or programs that are included within the software to add advanced functionality to the browsers.

However when the plug-in is poorly designed then it directly impacts on the performance of Safari browser. Also, when there are a number of plug-ins installed on your Safari browser then this could even lead to other problems like Safari quits immediately, unable to download, unpredicted behavior, audio video sync problem while streaming videos and so on. Due to this, you might want to have software to fix audio sync mp4 problem. You may also think of uninstalling and reinstalling the browser once again and make the settings default. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this method can fix the issue but it is not the recommended way of fixing instead you can remove plug-in itself and fix the issue. So now how to remove plugins from Safari browser? Read on to know the complete procedure…

Initially, launch Safari browser and navigate through this path Safari->Preferences->Security->Manage Website Setting. Here you can view all the installed plug-ins installed, note down which plug-in is troubling you and then go to this path /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and remove the desired plug-in.

Note: Users who feel uncomfortable in removing plug-in manually can make use of third party tool which can easily accomplish the task of removing plug-ins from Safari, but provided it should be a trusted tool else it may create uncertainties in your computer

While removing the plug-in from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ path make sure you don’t remove the following files; Default Browser.plugin, iPhotoPhotocast.plugin, nsIQTScriptablePlugin.xpt, Quartz Composer.web plugin, QuickTime Plugin.plugin, QuickTime Plugin.web plugin, VerifiedDownloadPlugin.plugin. The above-mentioned plugins are all default plug-ins that should not be removed and forcefully removing them can create severe issues.

Many times, even removing plugins might not fix your Safari browser performance issues that make your safari slow. In such cases, Remo MORE can help you out to fix slow running safari browser and enhance your browsing speed in a couple of minutes.

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