How to Recover Deleted Folders on Mac?

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This article guides you through recovering folders from a Mac Machine that were deleted, lost, or missing due to any reason. If you are looking for a super safe or reliable way to recover those folders, look no further. Utilizing Remo Mac Recovery Software is the ultimate solution for recovering any folders on Mac.

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I am a Mac user who has recently, by mistake, deleted some of my important folders that contain all of my important work-related files, documents, and presentations. If you read this, I'm sure you have also faced a similar situation. I have tried and tested various solutions that various articles on the internet claim to help their readers recover their deleted folders from their MacBooks or iMacs. 

Whether you are looking to recover a deleted mail folder on Mac, recover a deleted home folder on Mac, recover a downloads folder from Mac, or any other folder(s). You might be a Tech expert or an inexperienced user. This article offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you recover single or multiple folder(s) that were accidentally deleted, lost, or missing.

Are you ready? Let’s start the Mac folder recovery process.

How To Recover Deleted Folders on Mac?

Method 1: Undelete Folders on Mac Using the Undo Deletion Option

Did you accidentally delete folders on Mac or recently deleted a folder? Then, the easiest way to restore folders is using the undo deletion option. 

Steps To Restore Recently Deleted Folders on Mac

Press the Command + Z keys on the keyboard simultaneously. If the command is available and works, you can find the restored folders in its original location.

Method 2: Recover Folders from the Trash on the Mac

Your Mac automatically sends recently deleted folders and files to the Trash Bin. where they are stored for 30 days before deletion.

The first solution I tried is to recover deleted folders from Trash on Mac, and I recommend you try it out as well.

How to Restore Tolder from Trash on Mac?

  1. Navigate to the Trash Bin folder on your Mac system.
  2. Try and see if you can find the deleted folders.
  3.  If you were able to find the deleted folders in the Trash Bin. 
  4. The next step is to select the folder(s) that you want to restore.
  5. From the drop-down menu, click on the Put Back option.
click on the put back option to restore the files from the mac trash

The folders deleted earlier will be restored to their original location.

Most Mac users find the Trash Bin deleted folder recovery method extremely useful. But if you have permanently deleted your folders or emptied the Mac Trash recently. Then, you can try the following solutions.

Method 3: Restore the Backups of Deleted Mac Folders From External Backups

Any Mac or Windows user who has faced the gruesome issue of data loss knows the importance of regular backups. 

Having backups of your important folders before deletion ensures a quick recovery. Then, you need not worry. To use your recovered folders again, copy them back from the backup onto your Mac. Then, you can access them as if they were never lost.

Since we have just discussed restoring backed-up Mac folders, most Mac users rely on Time Machine to automatically back up their data and system files. If you have a Time Machine backup, the next section will show you how to restore the deleted folder on Mac From Time Machine.

Method 4: MacOS Recover Deleted Folder From Time Machine Backups

Time Machine is Apple’s very own backup tool that is built-in with all the Mac systems. This tool automatically backs up all the saved folders and files on your Mac to an external hard drive. You can restore deleted files or folders, including deleted documents, deleted downloads, and other disappeared folders if you have taken a Time Machine Backup that includes the deleted Mac folders.

Steps To Restore Folders on Mac From Time Machine Backups

1: Connect your Time Machine backup disk to your Mac.

Connect your Time Machine backup disk to your Mac

2: Open Finder and navigate to the folder where the folder you want to recover is saved.

navigate to the location from where you want to recover deleted folder from mac

3: Select Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine menu.

4: Find and select the folder you want to recover.

click on the restore button to restore the backup copy of the deleted folder from mac

5: Click the Restore button.

Your Mac will restore the folder to its original location. 

Note: If you use multiple Macs, Refer to this article to find out how to backup multiple Macs on a single Time Machine drive

You can try a specialized Mac Data Recovery Software if nothing works. The catch is there are hundreds of software available on the internet. You need to find a tool that can do the job.

Method 5: Recover Deleted Folders on Mac Using a Mac Recovery Software

I understand the pain of losing data, the inevitable fear that bubbles up after losing folders that contain our important files and data. 

Fortunately, this is where specialized data recovery tools like Remo Recover for Mac come to the rescue. To ease our pain and recover our lost folders.

This is How You Need To Use Remo To Recover Folders From Mac.

1: First, you must download and set up Remo on your Mac system.

2: Launch and run the tool from Remo's main screen; select the location from where you want to recover the deleted folders and click on the Scan button.

Suppose you want to recover disappeared files from the Mac Desktop; you need to click on the Select Folder option and find the folder from which you want to recover deleted folders.

select the location from where you have deleted the mac folders and click on the scan button

3: Remo will start scanning the selected location to locate and recover Mac's recently deleted folders.

remo starts scanning the selected location to recover the deleted mac folders

4: The tool will display the recovered files, folders, and data from the selected location on your screen.

list of all recovered data from the selected drive

5: Use the Search Bar or the Advanced Filter option to find any specific folder(s). 

For example, you might want to recover the downloads folder on Mac, or you might want to recover the deleted desktop folder from Mac or restore the Documents folder.

All you need to do is type in the name of the folder you want to recover in the Search Bar. The tool will display the recovered folder on your screen.

6: Once you find the folders you want to recover. You must select the folders and click on the Recover button. Remo will ask you to select a location where you want to restore the recovered folders.

select the folders that remo has recovered from the selected location and click on the recover button to save those folders on any location of your choice

Remo has now safely recovered your deleted, lost, missing, or replaced folders from any storage device or Mac system.


The folders saved on your Mac system might get deleted, lost, or replaced accidentally, intentionally, or for any other reason. This article talks about recovering any folder lost for any reason from any internal or external location or storage device. Methods such as Undo delete, Trash Folder, External Backups, and Remo Mac File Recovery Software have been tried and tested to help you recover any folders.

This is John Harris signing off, and I am sure you have found this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions on Recovering Folders on Mac

1. Is it possible to recover Deleted folders on Mac?

The answer is Yes and No. It all depends on why your folders were deleted and what happened to the deleted folders. For example, if your deleted folder was overwritten with any new data. Then, the chances of you recovering them become next to impossible.

2. Can you recover deleted folders after emptying the Trash Bin on Mac?

The Trash Folder is the folder where the files, folders, and data you deleted from any location within your Mac system get stored. The deleted data will reside for 30 days, after which it gets permanently deleted; during this period, the user can restore the deleted files from the Trash Bin folder or delete them permanently by emptying the Trash Bin Folder.

But the good thing is the user can recover any data they have deleted from the Trash folder or recover files from the emptied Trash Bin by restoring those files from Backups, Mac Terminal, or using a specialized Mac data recovery software, such as Remo.

Refer to this article for How To Recover Empty Mac Trash.

3. How do I recover deleted folders on my Mac without backup?

The only way to recover deleted folders on Mac without backups is by using the Remo Mac File Recovery tool to recover permanently deleted files and folders.

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